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    Five Things We Know After the First NHL Weekend

    After a 119-day lockout, the puck finally dropped on Saturday. Here are five observations after the first long weekend of hockey: 1. We don’t kn...

    Five Story Lines that Would Bring Back NHL Fans

    The NHL finally drops the puck this Saturday.  Hardcore hockey fans (myself included) are already frothing at the mouth at the return of the NHL.  W...

    The Mayans Were Right: Doomsday Has Arrived for the NHL

    A day after NHL Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly said “yes” in response to the question of whether we would have an NHL season this year, the league ...

    The Greatest Threat to Hockey: No One Cares

    As the NHL lockout extends to day 94, it is becoming more and more clear that the greatest threat to the future of the NHL has nothing to do with hock...

    Dr. StrangeHockey: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Lockout

    OK, so maybe I haven’t learned to love the NHL lockout, but I have learned to stop worrying so much about it.  I mean why should I – just a lowly...

    The Pirates “Embrace the Suck”

    Being a fan of the Pittsburgh Pirates is a special kind of fandom, the kind that most closely resembles a punishment.  After 20 consecutive losing se...

    Newt Gingrich vs the Barron Brothers on Paying NCAA Athletes

    Periodically, the Barron brothers (Chris and Jason) will use space here on MTAF to debate some sports related topic – one of us will always be r...


    Hockey fans everywhere can rejoice, the season has been saved and the lockout is over!  Will I forgive Fehr and Bettman and company for losing half a...

    Death, Taxes and the Pirates

    Last night, as my rec league hockey game ended, I scrambled to get my cell phone and find out the score of the Pirates-Brewers game.  Benjamin Frankl...

    The NHL Lockout Update: Groundhog Day

    We have a drop-dead date by which either there is an agreement or the season is cancelled:  January 11th.  The players and the owners have been enga...

    The Pittsburgh Pirates and the Curse

    On October 14, 1992, Atlanta Braves 1B Sid Bream – a former Pittsburgh Pirate – slid past the glove of Pirates Catcher Mike LaValliere cat...
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