Roll Tide: Rooting for the SEC


For many years as a Buckeye fan, I felt that it has been my duty to defend my Buckeyes against the bombardment of fans from the SEC.  The Buckeyes performance against these teams on a national level has not helped my argument one bit. 

What has always bothered me is when fans from the middle of the road teams always pound their chest about the SEC, while the traditional powers seem to be more proud of their own accomplishments rather than those of the conference as a whole.  I have heard enough of the Ole Miss superfan talking about Bama’s title win.  The SEC success has only made this get much worse.  So why in the world would this die hard Buckeye be rooting for Alabama? 

I did notice through social media that a whole lot of Buckeyes were pulling for Bama.   There is one obvious reason to pull for Bama; a Notre Dame loss would leave The Buckeyes as the only undefeated team in college football.  This provides a small bit of validation to the fan base that despite whom the AP crowns National Champion; only one team left the field every game a victor.  I was in this group and that is part of the reason that I was pro-Alabama in this game.

The second reason is: I figured it to go generally how it did.  I work with a diehard Notre Dame fan and several weeks ago I told him that I predicted the game to be unwatchable in the second half due to a lopsided score.  For that very reason I was rooting for Alabama.  I have never liked Notre Dame and in my lifetime they have never posed much of a problem to the Bucks.  I viewed Bama as a far superior team both from a talent standpoint as well as coaching.  So for this, if I was going to watch the game, I would prefer to root for the team whom I thought has the best chance.

The final reason to me is the most important.  Seven years ago, the Buckeyes had one of the greatest teams of my lifetime.  They had a Heisman winning QB and the best coach in America.  After defeating Michigan in the final week of the season the Bucks were all but crowned National Champs.  All they had to do was dispatch an inferior Florida team and the glass football was theirs.   Keep in mind just a couple years prior Auburn had gone undefeated and was not awarded an opportunity to play for a national title.  Meaning the SEC being the nation’s top conference was not a sure thing in 2007.  Could you imagine a team from the SEC going undefeated and not making the national title today?

We all know what happened next, an over confident Buckeye team got taken to the woodshed by Florida.  What happened next was unprecedented.  The BCS National Championship has not left the SEC since.  And it’s not like it was just one or two teams doing it, four teams have made up those seven titles (including last year where both teams were from the SEC). 

The last thing we as Americans needed was for Notre Dame to be the team to break the SEC’s run.  Trust me; you think Ohio State fans are bad? They have nothing on ND fans.  The Buckeyes were the victims that started this run.  It’s only right that they are the ones to end it!

In the final Tressel years and since Urban has taken over, there has been a recruiting overhaul.  The Buckeyes are being built to compete with the SEC.  We saw this first hand when the Bucks handled Arkansas in the Sugar Bowl two year ago (wait a second, according to the rest of the country, that game never actually happened).  Urban has not been shy about going into “SEC country” and plucking some of their top talent.

The SEC’s run is coming to an end.  The streak is over at seven.  My super way too early prediction is that two Heisman winning QB’s meet next year.  Braxton Miller will lead the undefeated Buckeyes against Johnny Manziel and Texas A&M, with the Buckeyes being the victors.  I will warn you though, those fans that are more proud of the SEC then their school will be quick to educate you on Texas A&M and that they are not a REAL SEC team.  Just know, you have been warned.

Congrats to Alabama and the SEC, it was quite a run.  Thankfully though, it’s coming to an end.  The tide can have their dynasty, because the next one just started in Columbus with a perfect season.


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