If the Browns are cursed, could it now be broken?


Following the Ravens incredible win over the Bronco’s Saturday, I ran into a true die hard Browns fan at a local bar here in Baltimore.  While the entire city was in celebration over the come from behind victory, this old timer was decked out in orange and Brown.  He immediately spotted my Tribe hat and I gave him a nice old “Go Browns”.  There was nothing but excitement in this man’s eyes.  He excitingly said to me, “the curse is broken!”

I gave him a chance to expound on his deep perils of wisdom.  Believe it or not, this man may be on to something.  He explained how the Ravens victory over the Broncos was in fact the original Browns finally getting past Denver in the playoffs.  All the bad luck that this franchise has experienced is over.  Now that we (The Browns Franchise) were finally able to get over the playoff hump of the Broncos, all can be forgotten of the tumultuous last couple decades; the drive, the fumble and the move. 

This guy really got me thinking and maybe he was right.  So much more than just the Raven’s beating the Broncos could play into this broken “curse.”  In this past football calendar year, several things have happened that have played a part in a reversal of our fortunes as Browns fans.

The man responsible for breaking the hearts of millions of Browns fans worldwide has died and with it brought a bit of closure to a large part of the fan base.  In their first draft as Ravens, Baltimore hit homeruns with two first ballot Hall of Famers.  With it being their first draft, their position was directly related to what happened on the field in Cleveland the year before.  Jonathan Ogden retired a few years back and Ray Lewis has “claimed” that he is retiring after this final Super Bowl run.   

The family responsible for the team and a majority of its terrible personnel decisions has sold the team.  A new man with a passion to be the best is now running our beloved Browns.  In this football calendar year, the Browns have possibly found their franchise RB and WR.  Too include a QB that could find his way into that conversation as well; a trio that which the Browns have been searching for since their return.

When you look at all these events together, it makes you start to believe.  Is this all coincidence? Finally getting past Denver, the passing of Modell, the last link to the original Browns retiring, new ownership and a group of rookies to build around.  The future defiantly is very bright.  All these events together bring a renewed optimism to my fandom.

A new coaching staff determined to bring a winner to Cleveland defiantly helps.  Not to mention Chud seems to be assembling a hell of a staff.  While it may be silly to think about, the sports curses of our time have all had some unique events attached to them at the time of their “breaking.”

Maybe it’s our time now.  I’m ready to believe, are you?



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