Football is Over, Now What Do We Watch?


After last night’s Super Bowl and all of today’s highlights and post game coverage we have to bid farewell to football until summer camp in July. So what is a football fan supposed to with himself/herself for the next five months besides re-watch the commercials from last night? Well, everyone has their own cup of tea but this is what I will be following to get me through the rest of winter and spring.

Spring Baseball – It is merely days until the pitchers and catchers report for spring training soon followed by the rest of their teams. That means we are only two and a half weeks away from the beginning of spring ball. The Grapefruit League throws the first pitch February 21st and the Cleveland Indians kick off the Cactus League the following day. Personally I love baseball because it reminds me of warm, sunny days in the bleachers hoping to snag a foul pop or to hear the crack of the bat. So the sooner we can get that warm weather in the Cleveland area the better.

March Madness – College basketball has already gotten exciting after numerous top five teams have been beaten week in and week out. It is that type of parity in the sport that makes the NCAA Tournament such an exciting few weeks. There will be buzzer beaters. There will be highlight dunks. And there will undoubtedly be a Cinderella team slipping on a glass shoe and crashing the dance. Watching your bracket get busted on day one may be heart-breaking, but this is the beauty of college basketball. Any team can ride a hot streak to the Final Four. Right VCU? The tournament tips off March 19 when two of the ‘First Four’ games are played. From that first whistle to the final horn on April 8th in the National Championship I will be following the tournament nonstop.

MLB Opening Days – Major League Baseball goes in to full swing on March 31st when the new-look Houston Astros host the Josh Hamilton-less Texas Rangers in a good old-fashioned Texas shootout. The following day is most other teams’ opening days in the MLB while the Indians’ home opener is not for another week on the 8th. Though Lake Erie may not make that home opener a pleasurable one I am fully planning to head downtown to see Terry Francona and the Indians take down the deep-pocketed New York Yankees.

NFL Draft – It is sad to say but in Cleveland this has been one of our most important football dates for years because the Browns always seem to find themselves picking in the top ten. With a new front office this draft is how the regime will be graded for years to come. The administrators’ ability to sniff out talent is the key to building a playoff caliber roster–especially in the Browns’ division. On April 25th the Browns, as it stands now, will be making the sixth pick in the draft…and it better be a good one. From now until then I am sure we will hear many experts’ opinions about who the Browns should take. We will also hear many opinions from less-than-experts about who they should draft (I will do my best to keep my opinion to myself). It is ultimately the front office’s decision as to who they will be drafting. But we can always dream!

Award Ceremonies – This has nothing to do with sports and I will most certainly not be watching these, but time and time again these shows fill up my twitter feed faster than the television can transmit the video. So I felt that I had to at least make mention of the upcoming ceremonies. The Screen Actors Guild and Golden Globes have already passed, but the 55th Grammys are this coming Sunday and the 85th Academy Awards take place on the 24th of February. If you are a real award show nut the British Academy Film Awards ceremony is also this Sunday and the Independent Spirit Awards are the day before the Academy Awards ceremony. So mark your calendars–I guess.

Yeah sure I could watch the NHL and the NBA, but to be honest I am not a fan of either. I follow the Cavaliers and truly enjoy watching Kyrie Irving, but overall the ‘Association’ has more divas in it than the Grammy Awards. Irving is going to be one of the best scoring point guards to ever play the game and every chance I get to watch the former Duke Blue Devil takeover yet another fourth quarter I am front row on my couch. The NHL on the other hand cannot hold my attention for longer than a fight lasts. I did not grow up on the sport, have a hard time following the puck, and if I cannot fully grasp the sport I don’t watch. Sorry to all of you hockey fans.

Here’s to the NFL 2013-14 season!

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