Broncos Coach's Stock Falling Off a Cliff


Remember when Denver Broncos Head Coach John Fox was a certified genius? And also when Broncos Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy was part of an untouchable triumvirate that included himself, Fox and Defensive Coordinator Jack Del Rio. Seems like only yesterday…

Actually, it was last Saturday morning.

Maybe I’m just full of sour grapes after getting my playoff picks decimated this weekend, and maybe a 38-35 loss to the Baltimore Ravens can’t be laid all on the Broncos coaching staff. Maybe lots of different things, but I sure expected more from a coaching staff sporting Peyton Manning and the 4th ranked scoring defense in the NFL.

When Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco heaved a 70-yard bomb to Jacoby Jones, was it Del Rio’s fault as the defensive coordinator that defensive back Tony Carter let Jacoby Jones run right by him? Or that safety Rahim Moore took a practice squad angle on the pass and looked like I do when I’m trying to jump up and hit the stop button on the smoke alarm in the hallway when I burn dinner as he flailed at the ball fluttering over his head?

No, those things weren’t Del Rio’s fault. Giving up three other offensive touchdowns and the game winning field goal to Joe Flacco and the Ravens is a poor showing from a defensive squad that knows better, and frankly should have been coached better. (Three other touchdowns because I can’t count the Corey Graham interception return for a touchdown against the defense. Even though they probably deserve the judgement)

I might need a few more minutes to figure out how that defense was so badly outplayed by an offense that had scored 20 or less points in seven games this season. While I’m trying to figure out what happened, I’ll leave a quote here that John Fox gave at the Broncos season ending press conference about calling for Peyton Manning to kneel at the end of regulation with 31 seconds to play.

“I’d do it again 10 times if it presented itself in that situation.”

“You watch a (70)-yard bomb go over your head, there’s a certain amount of shock value,” Fox said. “A little bit like a prize fighter who gets a right cross on the chin at the end of a round, you’re looking to get out of the round.”

What? Really? I do understand being a little skittish there, but PEYTON MANNING.

It isn’t that I think Manning is some sort of god among men, but I’d say that he’s at least as good as Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. You know Matt Ryan, the guy that started a drive at his own 28, threw two passes for 41 yards and set up a game winning field goal by Matt Bryant to beat the Seattle Seahawks. But, I suppose that John Fox didn’t want to take a chance with future Hall of Famer Peyton Manning. It’s only a playoff game, after all.

That leaves Mike McCoy, the super hot head coaching candidate. His offense scored 35 points and has been fantastic all year. McCoy’s stock didn’t drop at all, and if he wants it to stay that way, he needs to take the San Diego Chargers head coaching job that he’s been interviewing for.



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