With Mike Brown, The Lakers Offense May Never Come Together


I understand that in Cleveland, Mike Brown’s offense consisted of a single player. The rest were merely pieces to help that single player get going every single night.

This time around, Mike Brown has plenty of players, all with their own set of skills. However, the offensive struggles seem to be the same as they were in Cleveland. It’s stagnant, un-flowing, and incredibly underwhelming for the amount of talent in that starting five.

Mike Brown has always been, and will always be, a defensive minded coach. He preaches defense first and foremost, like many of his predecessors. He believes that defense is they key to championships, which could be true. My philosophy is that the best defense is a good offense. Mike Brown, however, hasn’t grasped that concept at all.

While I understand that the Lakers two losses mean absolutely nothing, the offensive mess does cause concern. I have no doubt that the Lakers will compete for championships, and will probably win one before this roster is broken up, but, it’s not going to be because of their offensive tendencies.

In the first few games, we’ve seen what we did not at all expect to see. Steve Nash running around aimlessly while Kobe, Pau, and Dwight do all the work putting the ball in the basket. While anyone with half of a brain knows that the offense needs to be run through Steve Nash, Mike Brown has yet to do anything about it. Again, I know that the pieces are still being put together, but Nash’s involvement should have already been at least previewed.

Brown’s defensive style of coaching may never allow the Lakers offense to gel as it should. While Kobe may combat Brown’s lack of offensive prowess and get the offense going, at least for a little while, this team is going to struggle with the ball.

The difference between Cleveland and Los Angeles is that the Lakers have the talent and experience to win championships, regardless of Brown’s flawed offensive philosophy. If you’re still wondering how Cleveland never won a championship, it was Mike Brown’s inability to find a way to score without LeBron’s constant involvement. That and the lack of talent around LeBron, but nonetheless, Mike Brown did not help Cleveland by any means.

Mike Brown is a good coach and a good leader. His defensive philosophy puts many regular season wins up on the board. If the Lakers were going to find a replacement for Phil Jackson, it was going to be Mike Brown. However, maybe Mike Brown should promote Kobe and Steve Nash to the “offensive coordinator” position on his staff. They’ve run offenses like well oiled machines, and would be more than willing to help Brown out on the scoring side of the basketball.

I’m certainly not worried about the Lakers. Their experience, defense, and talent will win them plenty of games in the regular season and the playoffs. As long as Mike Brown is their head coach, however, don’t expect 120 points a night while on the road to the NBA Finals.

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