Who Will Win First? Cavaliers or Browns?


Yesterday afternoon I sat on my couch in my brand new Browns jersey and during the Browns halftime I found myself wondering what just happened. We were up 14-0 and now we are trailing 27-17. I did not expect the Browns to win, but once they get my hopes up the thought of upsetting the Super Bowl champions yet again seemed likely. But by halftime that thought had dissolved into a bottle of beer.

Then as Victor Cruz did his third salsa dance I started to wonder if a winless season was in the mix. I doubt that we will go into 2013 without a win in 2012 because of Trent Richardson’s talent alone and Joe Haden coming back from suspension will boost the defense. But what does seem possible is the Browns not winning in the month of October. There are three more games in October and they are against the Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, and San Diego Chargers. We have already lost to the Bengals, the Colts just upset the Green Bay Packers, and the Chargers are looking strong so far this season.

The Browns could easily lose all three of those games. The Cavaliers open the season on October 30 against the Washington Wizards. If the Browns lose all three games the Cavs have three chances to notch their first W before the Browns can get theirs. The Cavs play the Wizards, Bulls, and Bucks in those three games. So, realistically they have two shots but with Byron Scott coaching his youthful group of guys I think they will avoid an 0-3 start to the 2012-13 season. So who will win first, the Cavaliers or Browns?

However, the Browns are a tough team to figure out. We lack consistency and show very brief glimpses of brilliance. Our second shot at the Bengals–at home this time–will be interesting. We have a knack for splitting the Ohio series and with Joe Haden returning from suspension to cover A.J. Green we have a chance to get our first victory, at home no less.

If we find a way to lose our Week 6 match up Week 7 on the road at Lucas Oil Stadium against the new Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck, does not bode well for the Brownies. The Colts’ offense has gained new confidence behind rookie QB Luck and with Reggie Wayne reemerging as a superstar receiver our secondary will have their hands full yet another week. Donald Brown in the backfield has not been a huge factor thus far, but the Browns have a way of getting running backs back on track. Our offense has looked much better this season and as long as our line can contain their defensive ends we can point some points on the board.

If we find ourselves 0-7 we return back to face the Chargers at Browns Stadium. The Bolts have too many weapons on offense for our defense to keep track of so we will have to win in a shootout in my opinion. Rivers has been known to be a little shaky, they are not used to the cold weather, and the Browns usually find a way to sneak up on an opponent that should easily beat us. With those reasons I am hoping we can steal victory, in front of our fans again.

So, to answer the question I asked in the headline I am picking the Cavaliers to win first. I hope the Browns prove me wrong as early as next Sunday. I just pray that I don’t have to ask the question: Who will win first, the Browns, Cavs, or Indians?

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