Three Things I Know About the NFL After Week 7


After getting my pasty white butt handed to me for a couple of weeks in a row, it looks like I’ve righted my picks ship and am getting back on course. I’m back to my old, confident self now, and am already preparing my victory speech after I pick 75% for the rest of the season.

The AFC is Toast

And I mean that in the nicest, most respectful way.

The standings to the right are through week 7 for every team except the Detroit Lions and Chicago Bears. (There isn’t enough spiked coffee in the world to keep me up until the Monday Night Football game ends to make a screen shot after the its over) (Don’t scoff, I have a day job, you know)

The outcome of Monday Night’s game really doesn’t take any of the proof out of the pudding, anyway. There are only three – THREE – teams in the AFC over .500. And there’s a very valid argument against two of them being any good.

The Patriots looked great twice this season, but then decided that having that classic, Bill Belichick and Tom Brady killer instinct wasn’t important anymore. One point losses to the Seahawks and Ravens, and a two point loss to the Cardinals are losses that recent New England teams would have never stood for. I’m not going to start telling Patriots fans to line up on the cliff, but the 2012 Pats are beatable in a way that we haven’t seen in a while.

The Ravens have the second best record in the AFC, but the once vaunted Baltimore defense is either too banged up to stop anyone, or they’re just another subpar defense. Or both. Either way, the Ravens are going to spend the rest of 2012 relying on their Joe Flacco led offense. I’m sure that we’ve all figured out by now that relying on Joe Flacco to carry a team usually doesn’t work out that well. I know things are looking up for the Baltimore offense so far, but the Ravens allow too many points to keep winning at a 70% pace.

That leaves the Houston Texans as the early hope for the AFC’s Super Bowl hopes. At this moment, Houston is the only AFC team that I’d feel comfortable picking against any of the NFC division leaders. That doesn’t mean that any AFC team couldn’t beat any NFC team on a random Sunday, but right now half of the NFC is above .500 and five of those teams are at least as good as the penultimate AFC powerhouse.

And really, who’s comfortable referring to the Texans as a powerhouse?

Romeo Crennel is Insane

News out of Kansas City is that team captain Matt Cassel is out as starting quarterback and career disappointment Brady Quinn is in as starting quarterback.

“I felt like the most impactful move I could make to get everybody’s attention was to change the quarterback,” Crennel said. “I think that will get everybody’s attention, and hopefully that impacts the team because the quarterback position is the one that has the spotlight on him.” ~from

But the reason that Crennel is insane isn’t that he’s benched a struggling Cassel, it’s that he’s fallen victim to the one tenet of insanity that everyone knows; doing something more than once and expecting different results is downright nutso.

Crennel was in Cleveland when the Browns drafted Quinn out of Notre Dame in 2007, and started three games under Crennel in 2008. By 2009, Quinn was starting 9 games under coach Eric Mangini. You would think that Crennel had seen enough of Quinn starting at quarterback in Cleveland to last a lifetime.

Or, he’s just crazy.

Cam Newton is a Loser

I can’t say this any better than Steve Czaban does in his post titled The Real Cam Newton Finally Shows Up. Czaban cites Pro Football Weekly scout Nolan Nawrocki, and it’s a must read column for anyone even remotely interested in what’s going on in Carolina.



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