Three Things I Know About the NFL After Week 17: NFC, Jeff Fisher, and the Best Player Available


I should really title this column something like The holidays destroyed my ability to reliably save and organize my files edition or Too much party leads to sucking edition.  Luckily, Matt bailed me out this morning with a great post about Bud Selig and how he ruined the only good thing he’s ever done for baseball.  My picks this week were much better than my ability to save the column files (Thank God.  I’m pounding out a rewrite like a kid who has a book report due in 10 minutes.)  I closed out the year 11-5 (170-78) straight up and 9-7 (115-104) against the spread.  I’ll keep picking throughout the post season, just in case you think I’m happy with a 68% winning percentage.  (I’m not, although I’m not sure how much better I can get.)

One more thing, before we get to the already late post:  This Friday is the last show for More Than a Fan on CSF Radio.  We’ll be on from 7-9pm talking sports and making bad jokes.  In case you’re wondering – you’re not, but I’m humoring myself – the split was based on logistics, and it was amicable.  The CSF Radio guys are great, as is the on air talent.  I hope to have time in the future to call in to their shows and bother them just as much as they’ll allow.

As for our future broadcasting… you’ll just have to wait to find out.

Three Things I Know Today

The Miami Dolphins need to land the big Fish…er.  The Dolphins have only been in the playoffs once in the last decade, and owner Stephen Ross is willing to pay big money for a coach that will put them back into contention in a division that’s been dominated by the New England Patriots and New York Jets in recent years.

Fisher took the year off after coaching the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans for 17 years.  He may not be the splashiest coaching candidate this off season, but I think Jeff Fisher is the best available coach by far.  He’s stable, disciplined, and very good at in game adjustments.  I’m not sure if anyone can win in the environment that outgoing Grand Poobah of football Bill Parcells left in Miami, but Fisher gives them the best chance.

There will be 357,983 points scored during the NFC Playoffs.  And we’ll all realize that offense is better than defense.  Finally.  And that’s just the Wild Card round.   The Detroit Lions (400 yards, 30 points per game) are in New Orleans to play the Saints (467 yards, 34 points per game) and the Atlanta Falcons (376 yards, 22 points per game) are in the Meadowlands to face the New York Giants (385 yards, 25 points per game).  And all these defenses routinely give up 350+ yards per game, too.

The NFC could produce a 135 point playoff round.  That would be astounding.  It would also be my favorite playoff weekend since… well… being a Cleveland fan really sucks when you’re trying to finish off sentences like this one.

The Cleveland Browns aren’t stuck on Colt McCoy, and neither am I.  I’m cleverly couching something that I’m unsure about into this things I know column by merely stating that I’m not stuck on Colt McCoy.  I’m not stuck on Robert Griffin III, Justing Blackmon, or even Matt Flynn, either.

What I do know is that the Browns need the most explosive player on the board at #4 in the 2012 NFL Draft.  There’s too much talent at the top of the 2012 draft to trade down and collect picks for future use.  The Browns need a face for this franchise that will score touchdowns and sell tickets.  If RG3 is on the board at #4, take him.  If RG3 is gone, take Blackmon.  If they’re both gone, take the best damn player available.

Just pick someone who’s going to light up a scoreboard.

And hire an offensive coordinator, already.

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