The Heat, a team no one respects.


The media infatuation with the soap opera that has been the Miami Heat has puzzled me throughout these playoffs.  I have never seen a team that has the best player in the world, with an additional two top-fifteen players be so disrespected.

Every time that Miami has been down in a series, anyone and everyone who has found airtime has diagnosed all the problems that the Heat may have.  Just because a team loses a game does not mean the series is over.  After Indiana grabbed a win from the Bosh-less Heat, the Pacers were instantly crowned the winner and everyone started talking about a Pacers/Celtics ECF.  Then once the Heat regrouped after losing one of their top players they righted the ship and bounced the Pacers.  The same thing happened against Boston.  The Celts stole a couple games and all the sudden the talk was what a great finals Celtics/Thunder would be.  The old guard verses the new wave.

The Heat regrouped again; by regrouping I mean, LeBron became that player that we always begged for in Cleveland.  Killer instinct, unbelievable desire to win. 

Now we find the Heat in the NBA finals.  Can we try something new? How about we let the games play out.  Or we could try not calling out the entire Heat franchise by calling them old, saying they have no heart, and that their supporting cast is terrible.

We live in a world of ultimate over-reactors.  Last night, OKC out-played and out-hustled the Heat.  Plain and simple.  Just because one team won, doesn’t mean the other team blew it.  It was a good game and let’s be honest, that game was closer than the score indicated.

I personally don’t see this series going past five games.  My assumptions going into last night were simply reinforced by the game.  I’m not pointing the fingers at any Heat players.  I just happen to believe that OKC is better.  Their big three is better.  Their bench is better.  Their coach is better.  The home-court advantage is better.

If OKC does indeed win this series, all the blame will be thrown on the Heat by not making it happen.  I just don’t think they are the better team.  But instead of calling out the players of the Heat which in my opinion has “lit the fire” for their following performance, I want to see how the series plays out.  Unfortunately, all the “experts” out there want to point the finger and take stabs at attributes like heart and character.  Only driving a player to show the world what he is all about in the following game.  Sure, we want to see that effort out of our players night in and night out.  But as many Cavs fans on here know firsthand, that’s not always the case.


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