The Game, the only one that matters.


Co-workers, neighbors and friends all find this week a little odd when it comes to my role as a fanatic.  While they go about their business wrapping up loose ends heading into the holiday, I walk around with a deep hatred in my heart.  I hate *ichigan everyday of the year.  But this week, it is far worse than usual. 

Being in the Navy, blue and yellow are our chosen colors.  Although, I love serving our country I have long taken issue with our “colors.”  As a result of refusing to wear blue this week, I am sporting a more formal uniform that boasts just black and khaki, with no blue to be found.

Rather than wear my uniform into work, I roll in rocking nothing but Scarlet and Gray, only to change into my uniform upon arrival.  As a diehard Buckeye fan, I feel it is my duty to spread the history and jubilation of “The Game” to those who are not familiar.

This season the stakes are higher.  After pure and utter domination of the series, *ichigan finally broke through last year.  Sure it took OSU losing their Head Coach, All-American QB and top offensive playmakers for most of the season for them to be victorious.  Despite all that was against OSU, Michigan’s best squad in almost a decade still almost blew it at home to one of the worst teams (record-wise) in the history of our program.  As to be expected by a juggernaut, the Bucks have righted the ship and can’t wait to remind *ichigan who runs this rivalry. 

While I am not distraught that the Bucks will not be playing for a bowl game, I have no problem viewing this as OUR bowl game.  It’s the Buckeyes last chance to cement this year’s story into the voters’ minds.  I am not concerned about an AP National Title.  Although, if following Bowl Season they stand atop the nation as the only undefeated team, they will surely have an argument.  I am more focused on setting the table for next season.  It’s my honest view that this will be Urban’s worse team in his tenure at Ohio State.  His squads are only going to get stronger and teams will only get better. 

As wonderful as the previous eleven wins have been, we have a saying around Columbus; we’ll trade them all away for a win against *ichigan.  This is a year where that may never be truer.  11-1 is a beautiful thing, but that one gives *ichigan the satisfaction of ruining a perfect season.  And Urban will not let that happen. 

I expect a wide open game plan, with Braxton having an epic performance.  Bucks 45 – *ichigan 24.


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