The Buckeyes are Back


We are a mere 3 days from kick-off.  The excitement is building for Buckeye football.  All over twitter you see countdowns and predictions to the start of the season.  With all this excitement, what should we honestly be expecting from this Buckeye team?  This isn’t a column to serve as a “preview” but rather, what I expect from my Buckeyes this year.

The Urban Meyer effect is in full force.  From 81K showing up to the spring game to ESPN profiling the Buckeyes training camp.  There is an energy surrounding this team like few other years.  It’s important to keep in mind, that they Buckeyes are ineligible for both the Big Ten Championship and the National Title game.  It’s also important to keep in mind, that a 12-0 season is not needed to receive gratification.The Buckeyes are attempting to do something that has never been successful in major college football.  Build an extremely up-tempo, high-octane offense, while continuing to possess a Top-5 scoring defense.  Many of the high-tempo offenses possess a defense that’s just good enough to get the offense a couple score lead and then they can commence the high scoring shoot-out.  While most strong defensive teams have a ball control, slow the game down offense.

Urban is determined to have both, a fast offense, with a strong dominant defense.  The strong dominant defense is already in place and has arguably the top defensive line in the country.  The offense is a work in progress.  I feel that it lacks true playmakers to really feel its full impact.  Braxton Miller is the perfect type of QB to run it, but it takes a great deal of experience to understand the reads and decisions required to be successful.

It’s possible that Braxton could truly flourish this season, but I think it’s more likely that we won’t truly see how good he can be in this offense until next year.  With that being said, I still see the offense being able to score a ton of points this year.  The Bucks averaged 38 points a game under Coach Tressel.  So even with implementing a new offense, I see the 30’s as an attainable number.  Let’s be honest, if the O is scoring over thirty a game, with the strong defense we have, it’s easy to assume that a high number of wins will be had.

While I do believe that 12-0 is reachable, I think it’s unrealistic to expect those numbers from a first year coaching staff, implementing a new system.  10-2 to me is a much more realistic expectation.  Road games at Wisky and MSU are going to be incredibly tough, with marquee home match-ups against Nebraska and Michigan.

There are a couple of goals I have set for myself as a fan this season.  I want to win the Leaders division.  Although we can’t technically “win” the division, on November 25th, I want a better record than the rest of the division.  The other obvious goal is to beat Michigan and remind them of who their daddy is.  I don’t believe Hoke is their savior and I won’t until I see what he does with his players running his offense.  Right now, he is winning with Rich Rod’s players running Rich Rod’s offense. 

I know that it will be a much better fall this year as a Buckeye fan.  The season we had last year was very foreign to most of Buckeye nation.  We will get back to dominance this year and it will be a great preview for a National Championship run next season.  Just remember, we have never seen an offense ran like this in Columbus, so it will definately take some getting used to. 

What are your expectations for this season?  Is it 12-0 or bust? Let me know on twitter @kylecedwards713


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