Team USA Men's Basketball Should Represent America


As an American, is it wrong to root against America?

Yes, it is wrong to root against your native country, especially a country in which so many people make sacrifices for us and our freedom. It is wrong to root for the United States to lose in the Olympics.

However, I don’t think it’s wrong to root against some of the people who represent our country in the Olympics. Especially, the United States basketball team.

I didn’t watch a single minute of Team USA basketball. First and foremost, I didn’t because I felt bad for the rest of the world. They didn’t stand a chance. The basketball team that the United States of America fielded for the 2012 Olympic Games in London is probably one of the best teams ever assembled. We’ve debated the Dream Team before, but nonetheless this challenged the greatest USA teams ever assembled.

In reality, I didn’t watch because I was somewhat embarrassed. It sounds silly, but I was embarrassed by many of the players who were representing the United States of America on the court.

In the Olympics, there are so many wonderful stories and so many amazing athletes that should make Americans proud. The girls gymnastics team, the girls swim team, and the girls soccer team, just to name a few, made America more than proud in these 2012 Olympics. They competed with humilty, honor, and integrity, three of the many foundations that America was built on. What made me especially proud was the fact that off of the field of battle, if you will, they displayed the same humility, honor, and integrity to their fans, to the media, and to anyone they came in touch with.

The same cannot be said for quite a few prominent Olympic athletes, most of whom represented America.

Representing America is more than behaving in London. Especially in America, the rest of the world sees all of the good and the not so good that these superstar athletes do on a day to day basis. This is where my problem with America’s basketball team begins.

Most of the players on the USA basketball team do not display the honor, integrity, and especially humility that so many American Olympians do. They are often selfish, arrogant, and out of line. Maybe not in London, they simply didn’t have enough time to do anything wrong, but we all know that in America many of these guys are all of the above. You would think that such an amazing group of athletes could be an equally good group of people. People you would want representing your nation on the basketball court.

While the debate between this Team USA and the 1992 Dream Team rages on, there is one debate that should rage on no longer. Which team would you rather represent this nation?

In that debate, I would say that this Team USA may not even crack the Top Ten.

I will always root for America, no matter what the situation. Sometimes, however, I wish there were better people representing such an amazing nation. I wish there were people representing America, who actually embody and represent America.

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