Rooting for the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Finals


Today is a big day. Ryan and I will be recording the podcast, and we have so much to talk about that there’s no way we’ll get to it all.

Manny Pacquiao lost in a decision that further destroyed boxing, I’ll Have Another was scratched controversially before his bid for the Triple Crown, Indians Closer Chris Perez puked all over the mound, the L.A. Kings won the Stanley Cup for the first time in their history… and I’m only scratching the surface so far.

Tonight is also a little thing calledĀ game one of the NBA Finals between the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Miami Heat.

I’ll be talking a lot about the Thunder and/or Heat for the next couple of weeks. Objectivity is always my goal, but I don’t think it’s any secret that I’ll be rooting for Oklahoma City. But let’s be clear, I won’t be rooting for the Thunder because I’m a Clevelander who still hasn’t gotten over how LeBron James tripped the city from behind, jumped on it’s back, and repeatedly jammed a knife into it’s back on ESPN.

No, I’ll be rooting for the Thunder against the Heat for the same reason that I would be rooting for the Thunder against any team they faced in the Finals; because the team was built as well as any team I’ve ever seen.

Sure, OKC got a little lucky in the Kevin Durant or Greg Oden draft, and who knows what would have happened if Russell Westbrook or James Harden didn’t pan out to be the players that they are today, but no team has ever won a championship without a little luck. Every player that steps onto the court can either be a star or a bust, and the fact that GM Sam Presti put a team without busts together in this era’s NBA is nothing short of a miracle.

Presti was savvy in the NBA Draft and in free agency, and as a Cleveland Cavaliers fan, that’s exactly how I want Chris Grant to build my hometown team. The Cavaliers have already started the Presti plan after drafting Kyrie Irving and Tristan Thompson in the first round last season, and they have a chance to move forward leaps and bounds with two first round picks this season.

So I’ll be joining most of Cleveland while I root for the Thunder, but I’ll be rooting forĀ a set of basketball ideals and not against a certain small forward.


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