RG3 vs T-Rich: Heckert's Worst Nightmare


Several weeks ago, I re-visited the Rams/Skins trade that brought RG3 to Washington; I defended the Browns for not giving what the Rams were asking.  My argument was that I am happier with Trent Richardson, Josh Gordon, Brandon Weeden, Mitchell Schwartz and next year’s #1 over Robert Griffin III.

Heading into Sunday’s game against the Redskins with his job in balance, Tom Heckert is praying that RG3 is not good to go.  You see those who don’t see the big picture in the pre-draft trade will view it as a singular object; directly comparing RG3 to Trent Richardson.  They won’t remember what costs RG3 came at and how many contributors on this year’s team would not be here.

Living in the Baltimore/Washington area, I am well aware of the hype surrounding RG3.  While some of it may be a bit over the top, he is a breath of fresh air to a franchise that has struggled so mightily to find a QB for the better part of two decades.

The last thing Tom Heckert needs is for RG3 to bring the surging Redskins into the Dawg Pound and pull off his heroics.  Fans will think about what could have been and how Heckert screwed it up. 

I for one think this year’s draft has had a very nice early return.  I was incredibly high on Gordon and didn’t mind the Browns using a second round pick on him.  It’s obvious that he has all the tools to be elite; we will just have to see how he handles his first full off-season as a pro.  As Brandon Weeden continues to improve as a passer it will open up more running lanes for Trent to do damage.  Weeden has had seemingly all day in the pocket the second half of the season and a lot of that has to do with the development of Mitchell Schwartz.  Many may disagree, but with the addition of next year’s first round pick, I would gladly take all those guys over RG3. 

The Browns had way too many holes to fill to give up the entire draft and start of next year’s draft for one player.  While there is still a very strong possibility the RG3 straps them up this weekend.  My gut tells me that we’ll be seeing Kirk Cousins.  Washington’s long term success hinges much more on a healthy RG3 for years than a gimpy RG3 making a desperate run at a final playoff spot.

After all, this is precisely the reason that they drafted Kirk Cousins.  The other side of the argument is that if RG3 were to start and to not have a great game, it could validate Heckert’s decision.  But from what I have seen from RG3 this year, that is a very unlikely scenario.

I love the Browns chances heading into this weekend.  And I liked them before RG3 went down.  As unlikely as the playoffs are, continuing to win and staying in the picture has me excited for the first time in a while as a Browns fan.


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