Off-Base Percentage: Schilling Takes Big Loss and One-Letter T-Shirts


Off-Base Percentage is a weekly post about the lighter side of sports, mainly baseball. Whether it occurs on the field, in the locker room, or in the media, if it is a little ‘off-base’ then it is fair game. If you are looking for analysis of a player, team, or sport it won’t be found in this post. This is for the sports fan that wants to take a step back and look at sports from a ‘different’ angle. Enjoy.

Hard Loss to Swallow

On Tuesday it was announced that Curt Schilling may suffer a huge loss. And I don’t think he’ll redeem this one with a bloody sock, pitching performance. The retired MLB pitcher went public saying the video game franchise, 38 Studios’ failure will cost him a sum of $50 million. The Rhode Island company is seeking refuge from the governor and Schilling does not seem impressed with the governor’s eagerness to help the company and its employees.

Speaking of employees, 38 Studios laid off all of theirs last week without warning. This sad situation is even worse for Schilling. He has invested much of his money and not taken out any in return in the video game organization. So if it fails he will stand to lose all that he invested. The stress has led him to lose over thirty pounds in the last month and half. It’s amazing the toll that stress can have when money is involved.

I am not here to speak about economics and what company to invest with. I am merely just showing a case where those who make millions may not always be better off than us. Bad things happen to them too. Not to mention the three-hundred seventy-nine employees that are now unemployed. I am not knocking Schilling for investing his money poorly. At least he tried to do something with his cash instead of some athletes that spend it before they even step on the playing surface.

The fate of the company will be decided soon enough and for the working class employees, I hope that the governor and the state of Rhode Island can find a way to keep 38 Studios running while not putting the rest of the state in trouble.

Need Help Spelling?

Which letter would you want?


On Monday, the Miami Heat kicked off the Eastern Conference Finals with a promotion featuring t-shirts that had one letter on each shirt spelling out H-E-A-T. While I applaud the originality, as a fan what use does that t-shirt have after that game? Yeah, you can tell everyone you were at Game 1 of the 2012 Eastern Conference Finals, but why not have a clever saying or something involving your team’s entire nickname- the Heat? I am not trying to be biased, but I would rarely wear that shirt other than around the house or to workout. When I go to a game I want to leave with a great memory and something that I can show off that memory with. Now maybe some fans were cunning enough to get the remaining three letters from others around them and spell the word out on the wall or something, but over all I think Miami wasted a bunch of money with that investment. When else have I said that about Miami? That’s for another day.

Also, last night they decided to spell a whole word on the shirts. It was ‘Wade’. That is a bold move when you have another superstar on your roster, but I’m sure LeBron will play it off like it is Dwyane’s city and that he is just here to win a ring. I am sure it will eat him up inside. Maybe, no hopefully, we can look back on Game 2 and say tt was when the Heat officially fell apart in the NBA Playoffs. Time can only tell, right? But for now, if you need help spelling four-letter words just tune into E-S-P-N for the Heat/Celtics Series.

What should Curt Schilling do? How would you handle your money if you were a professional athlete? What will the Heat promotions office do next? Let me know in the comment section or on Twitter @Believelander.

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