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Off-Base Percentage is a weekly post about the lighter side of sports, mainly baseball. Whether it occurs on the field, in the locker room, or in the media, if it is a little ‘off-base’ then it is fair game. If you are looking for analysis of a player, team, or sport it won’t be found in this post. This is for the sports fan that wants to take a step back and look at sports from a ‘different’ angle. Enjoy.

It’s back ladies gentleman, Off-Base Percentage couldn’t miss one more week. And this week I doubled the dosage. This was news last week, but Los Angeles has been approved to build an NFL stadium. There is a grace period of thirty days when legality challenges can be brought forward. Any legal problems must be addressed within one hundred seventy-five days and if all goes well the $1.5 billion stadium can begin construction as early as next March. Now they just need tenants. Roger Goodell told all thirty-two teams that if any team wishes to relocate for the 2013 season they must apply between January 1st and February 15th of 2013. With that application they have to prove that they tried everything in their power to stay at their existing location but all efforts were exhausted. This leads me to wonder who the top candidates are for relocation? The Minnesota Vikings were seriously contemplating it when their stadium collapsed a couple of years ago. The St. Louis Rams may want to become the L.A. Rams once again. Or Haslam and the Cleveland Browns may want to leave the Factory of Sadness for Malibu.

Okay, I don’t see the third one as a plausible outcome after the Browns left once for Baltimore many moons ago and nearly ruined the city of Cleveland. Also Mr. Haslam seems quite dedicated to bringing good football back to Lake Erie. He has about one billion reasons why he would want this team to be successful.

Nevertheless, there will be one franchise in the National Football League that cannot resist a major vacancy in Farmers Field on the west coast.

The Chicago Bears are enjoying themselves while they are in first place in their division. So much so that rookies Shea McClellin and Aston Whiteside were fooled by a fake thirty-eight thousand dollar tab at a restaurant. That’s exactly what happened when fellow veteran teammate Israel Idonije handed them the bill and told them to take care of it. The two first-years looked at each other in confusion as to how they would pay the fee while the rest of the team chuckled in the background.

Eventually the Idonije fessed up to his prank and McClellin was able to toss the $38,091.91 bill to the side and cover the actual bill.

The fake bill.

McClellin would not say how much the bill was but noted that it was still a large sum of money. I personally have never eaten with a football team so I have no idea how much food they can inhale but even a $10,000 tab seems quite steep to put on one rookie. That is the equivalent of one hundred men eating one hundred dollars worth of food. I can barely eat twenty dollars with of food, but I guess when you throw in linemen appetites things may level out. And the prices other than the BEARS DINNER are correct I could see the bill getting in the five digit area. Thirty-two dollars for roasted chicken? Wow.

Who will move to Los Angeles? What kind of pranks have you done to ‘rookies’? How much do you think their tab was? Let me know in the comment section or on Twitter @Believelander.

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