My NFL Picks for the Season–Not What You Think


Sure everyone can pick division winners, Super Bowl winners, and MVPs when it comes to professional football. But I would like to make some bolder picks for the 2012-13 NFL season. I mean, we’re only a week and a half away from the season kickoff.

Worst team in the NFL.

ESPN analysts don’t like to focus on the negatives so you don’t hear much about which team will be the worst. No Cleveland fans, I am not going to pick the Browns though they could be in the discussion if injuries continue to plague the roster. To me it comes down to two teams–the Saint Louis Rams and the Miami Dolphins. Both teams have been bad in the past and have not done much in the way improving their roster. The Chad Johnson experiment didn’t even make it past the preseason for the Dolphins and Sam Bradford and Steven Jackson spend more time in the training room than on the field for the Rams. But after it is all said and done it comes down to who loses the most games, right? I am picking the Dolphins here. They are in a much harder division with the Patriots, Jets, and Bills while the Rams face the 49ers, Seahawks, and Cardinals each twice a year. The Rams can occasionally find a win against those teams whereas the Dolphins will be lucky to beat the Bills and Jets once and they have no shot against America’s team–Tom Brady and the Patriots.

What week will the Browns be eliminated from the playoffs?

I am not trying to sound pessimistic but let’s all be honest. Do we really think the Browns have a legitimate shot at a playoff season? Or even a .500 season? If you think so I appreciate your attitude but I do not foresee either of those happening. My guess on the Browns record is 4-12 or 5-11, but I am hoping all sixteen games are watchable. I love Phil Dawson, but he should not be the most exciting part of our offense. My guess is that the Browns will be mathematically eliminated after Week 12 when we play the Steelers at home. I’m making that game a toss up based on how well the Steelers hold up throughout the season with injuries and an entire new offense. But I still assume we lose and that knocks out of the playoff hunt once again. I hope I’m wrong because I’d love to have playoff hopes near Christmas.

Reincarnated Player of the Year.

Yeah, I made up my own award for the NFL’s player that has a breakout year after having been a star in years past and fell off gradually. This may seem like a little bit of stretch because he was out all year with an injury but I am picking Peyton Manning to be the breakout veteran this year. New team, new offense, and new neck. Combine all of those with Manning’s football knowledge and he will be a force to be reckoned with once again only this time in another division. I look for him to pick apart San Diego, Kansas City, and Oakland this season. Twice. I hope he doesn’t have any setbacks with injuries, but then again, the quarterback before him in Denver was protected by the man upstairs (not Roger Goodell). So maybe he didn’t hear about the trade.

I know these predictions aren’t widely made across the sporting world. But that is exactly why made them. To give a new outlook on the NFL and maybe to get others to join the conversation of my picks.

Who will be the worst team? Will Peyton return to form? Let me know in the comment section or on Twitter @Believelander.

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