My New Favorite Golf Balls


I’m talking about the KickX TourZ premium golf balls that are on sale over at Golf Shop Central. And before you get all worked up over me using More Than a Fan to shill for swag, I’m not getting paid a dime to say good things about my new favorite piece of equipment. I don’t sell these balls or get a dime from Golf Shop Central. Promise.

A few weeks ago I was on Twitter talking about golf and talking equipment with @GolfShopCentral, a Brunswick, Ohio golf equipment company. After talking about playing Titleist Pro V1 the last couple of rounds I’d played, @GolfShopCentral asked if I’d like to try a sleeve of the new KickX TourZ balls directly against the Pro V1s. I’m always up for trying new things, and I had already read some good reviews, so I decided to give them a shot.

So, full disclosure and all, I did get a pack of KickX TourZ balls free. But trust me, if they were terrible, I just would have said thanks and no one would have heard from me about them again. So, on with the review.

There are two things that I noticed immediately when I pulled the first ball out of the sleeve to tee it up; the markings and logo, and the feel of the ball in my hand. I’ll hit the markings and logo first.

The big, orange logo on the face of the ball is pretty cool. I’ve heard some folks say that it’s too big, but a cool logo is a cool logo. Plus, if the quality of a logo determined the quality of a ball, there wouldn’t be any crappy Nike golf balls on the market.

The KickX TourZs also have this three-lined alignment marking system on the back of the ball. It’s a pretty big departure from the traditional single, thin line that almost every other golf ball provides as an alignment aid. I’ve never really spent a lot of time using the alignment aids to line up putts or tee shots, but – in the spirit of trying out new things – I used the Z-Aline system during my first rounds with the KickX TourZs.

I found that I still prefer to putt without using the alignment aid, but using the Z-Aline system off the tee was now a viable option. I know people who swear by their pre-putt and pre-tee shot routines when using any of the alignment stripes on any golf balls. To those people, I strongly suggest trying out the KickX TourZ golf balls to check out how much easier and more reliable this system is on the eyes.

Now, here’s that thing I said about the feel of the golf balls coming out of the sleeve; they feel sticky. Not the kind of accidentally sticky that usually has me searching for the Goo Gone, but the kind of sticky that I immediately recognized would help this ball pick up some spin from the club face at impact. Extra spin is a great thing if you’re a player who doesn’t normally generate a lot of spin in the first place. I’m that golfer. I’m not really sure why, but I’ve never been able to juice up a ball the way I see some other players do.

There are three very compelling sounding technical advantages of the KickX TourZ golf ball; the Metal Fuzion Core™, the Power Enhancement Layer, and the aerodynamic tour soft cover. I have absolutely no idea at all what any of that means. What I do know is that when I flushed my driver on the first tee, the impact felt and sounded different than it does with any other ball I hit.

I picked up a solid 10 yards on every driver hole, and between 6-7 yards on my irons. That was exciting, but adding length wasn’t truly the way that this ball changed my round. As much as I love trying to go all caveman and just bash the ball off the tee as far as I can, adding yardage with my driver doesn’t always help me as much as I’d like it to help.

I know this may surprise you, but whether my approach is 165 or 155 yards, I miss my fair share of greens. That’s where I really saw the value of the KickX TourZ balls. Being able to address a pitch or flop with the confidence that the ball and spin would be predictable made for an improvement in my scrambling. Adding that kind of consistency to my short game is really what makes these golf balls stand out for me.

The way I figure it is that everybody has a golf ball that they play better than the others. For me, that ball is the KickX TourZ. It may not be the same for everyone reading this, but I can definitely say that they’re worth trying out for yourself. Since they’re still pretty new and not on store shelves, you probably haven’t. Run over to Golf Shop Central and pick up a dozen. If you play a round and don’t like them, feel free to send the balance to me. (See? I told you this wasn’t a paid endorsement, I need to collect as many of these balls as I can)



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