My Ideal Vision of Cleveland Browns Draft Day


By Hayden Grove

Ahhh, my first post as a contributor on the More Than  A Fan staff. So honored to be here. If you’d like a little more background into who I am, you can check out my Bio on the contributors page. I’ll just say that Cleveland runs through my veins.

Everyone has their opinions on what the Browns should do with the 4th pick in the NFL Draft. Some are more popular than others, but any Browns fan – if they’re really a Browns fan – has some sort of opinion on this matter.

Mine is this: Draft Tannehill at #4 and trade him to the Miami Dolphins on draft day.

Great job Hayden. In just your first post, you managed to have every Browns fan following this site hating your guts.

Before you hate me fellow Browns fans, hear me out.

The Miami Dolphins are in desperate need of a quarterback. Their current situation has Matt Moore, who had a decent 2011, as the starter, matched up against David Garrard, who did not play in the 2011 season, competing for the job.  After whiffing on Jeff Fisher, Dolphins fans were expecting the bright lights and beautiful weather of Miami to sweep Peyton Manning off his feet as he would be carried into Sun Life Stadium by a sea of smiling fans. Or something like that.

Miami fans are not used to being shunned by free agents, and therefore went haywire when Ireland couldn’t get a Manning to Miami deal done. Immediately the “Fireland” campaign begun and Dolphins fans voiced their displeasure in the organization.

It seemed as if all hope was lost, until, in an almost phantom fashion, Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill shot up the draft boards and was projected by McShay and Kiper as a Top 10 pick. McShay even believed Tannehill was deserving of a Top 5 pick. This sudden rise sparked hope for Ireland. All he seemingly has to do is land Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins franchise will be in good hands again.

The Dolphins need Tannehill and will do anything to get him. I mean anything.

The Browns need to take advantage of this desperation from Miami.

The only thing holding Miami back from landing Tannehill is those pesky Cleveland Browns at number 4. All other teams before the #8 pick are seemingly set at QB, for now, and the Browns are the only team remotely interested in Tannehill.

Here’s how I would love to see this situation play out.

The Browns just drafted Ryan Tannehill at #4. Miami just lost their guy, and Ireland just lost his savior. If the Dolphins don’t have him their doomed.

Meanwhile, sitting here with Tannehill, who they don’t even really want, the Browns have exactly what they need to suck anything they can out of the Miami Dolphins.

The draft continues on with Trent Richardson still on the board.

The phone rings in the Cleveland Browns War Room. It’s Ireland asking for Heckert and Holmgren.

“What do you need for Tannehill?” says Ireland.

Just the question the Browns were looking to answer. It’s no mystery the Browns need talent. Their offense last season was miserable. Greg Little showed sparks from time to time, but the Browns simply could not move the ball down the field. Colt McCoy didn’t have the protection he needed, and thanks to a shoddy running game, was faced each and every week with a defense who was expecting the pass.

The Buccaneers drafted Claiborne. One man off their list. The Rams pick is just in: Justin Blackmon. Another of their men off the board. The Browns have one guy left of the four that they could have picked at #4.

Heckert gets on the phone and says “Yea, Jeff. This is Tom. Pick Richardson, give us your 1st rounder next year and your 2nd rounder this year. We’ll throw in a 3rd rounder this year and call it a day.”

Ireland replies, “Done.”

The Browns not only get the same guy they wanted at #4, but also squeeze two very high value picks from the Miami Dolphins.

The Jacksonville Jaguars select Reilly Rieff to anchor their offensive line.

The Dolphins are on the clock.

The Dolphins pick is in, but the ESPN bottomline is blinking with a Trade Alert.

The Miami Dolphins select Trent Richardson but trade his rights to the Cleveland Browns for the rights to Ryan Tannehill. The Browns also pick up the Dolphins 2013 1st Round Pick and their 2012 2nd Round Pick. The Dolphins pick up the Browns 2012 3rd Round pick.

For the Browns, there is no downside to the trade. They stockpile picks, without losing an ounce of value. Plus, picking Richardson at 8 rather than 4 means he won’t be paid as much. They save money, they add an incredible amount of value, and lose absolutely zero value, unless you count the single third round pick. And if you do count the single third round pick, all I have to say to you is, “Really?”.

Last season, the Browns had a single 1st round pick, as well as two second round picks. Those picks ended up being big assets to the Browns last season. Sheard is a star in the making. Taylor is a Shaun Rogers type run stuffer. Greg Little is the possible WR of the future.

If this happens exactly the way I hope and imagine that it will, the Browns will have two 1st round picks, one of which being Trent Richardson, and two second round picks in this draft, as well as two first round picks in next years draft.

I know it sounds far too idealistic to be possible, but I truly believe that it can happen. The Browns need as much talent as possible to become a contender again. Stockpiling picks like this not only increases their potential to gain talent, but it also minimizes the damage of a bad pick.

The Dolphins are at a very vulnerable position right now, and for once, the Browns need to take advantage of another teams vulnerability. The Dolphins are susceptible to taking a trade like this simply because the pressure of the fans is so intense. Ireland was willing to do anything for Manning, and in the same way, he’ll be more than willing to take a “bad” deal to get Tannehill. All he wants to do is keep his job, and can you blame him?

If a trade like this could happen, I think the Browns could become a contender much quicker than anticipated.

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