More Than a Fan Podcast #24: NBA Free Agency and an Ubaldo Argument



Ryan and I started the podcast early today so we can get some July 4th party on, and we swore to ourselves that we’d be quick.

We were not. We made up for a long pod by being good, and by choosing exceptional opening music.

We start our discussion by talking about the Brooklyn Nets and what we thinkĀ should happen with Dwight Howard and Deron Williams. It’s probably not what is actually going to happen, but sanity doesn’t always reign supreme in today’s NBA.

After some more free agency talk, we come out of the break with what was supposed to be an innocent Cleveland Indians discussion.

“Oh, we’ll just talk about the Orioles series and mention that the the Angels game is different because of pitching match-ups.” we said, “Sure. The Tribe struggles against good pitching. It’ll be an easy segment,” we said.

Things were going as planned until Ryan and I started yelling at each other about Ubaldo Jimenez. Needless to say, our Indians segment went a little longer than we anticipated. It’s okay, the peppering of tasteless jokes will make up for any sense we accidentally make.





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