More Than a Fan Podcast #23: So Much NBA Finals,and Shame on Manny Acta


Ryan and I always have good NBA conversations, but today may have taken the cake. (Or the podcast history, if you’re sick of proverbs)

We successfully deciphered Kevin Durant’s old man game and and why he never rebounds in clutch situations. We found the key to the first three games of NBA Finals, and it’s mostly bad for Oklahoma City. And we explain why this will be the NBA’s worst Finals legacy because of the perception of crooked officiating.

Wait, did I say perception? We don’t let the officials off easily, either. But where our conversation leads us when we’re talking bad calls ended up with us putting some of the bad call blame somewhere where you may not expect.

After the break we deliver a weekend rundown that maybe included a joke about a classic adult movie and NASCAR, give Webb Simpson some dap, and cheer for the Zips Kent State Golden Flashes. Also mention that the Flashes may need a miracle to make it through the College World Series Hell Bracket.

Indians talk ends up with me calling out Manny Acta for his handling of a clubhouse question and we become the 54,215th and 54,216th Indians fans to break our heads bashing them into the wall over Johnny Damon. (hint: He’s not good at baseball)

And then, I have a beer.


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