Manchester City Turns the Corner


Remember how big of a deal it was for Red Sox fans to beat the Yankees in the 2004 ALCS after being down three games? They made history and then went on to break the curse of The Bambino by sweeping the St. Louis Cardinals in the World Series.

Well, that it is what it feels like for Manchester City fans to be on the verge of claiming the Barclays Premier League title over Manchester United. Last week Man City beat Man U in the Manchester Derby to pull themselves into a tie for the top of the table in the league standings. But Man City owns the tiebreaker, which is goal differential. Both teams won their matches yesterday and only one game remains in the season. Manchester City hosts Queens Park Rangers, a team with only thirty-seven points in thirty-seven games. At the same time Man U travels to play Sunderland, a squad that is in the middle of the league standings. All Man City has to do is beat QPR to take the title. If they don’t win, however, as long as they get the same result as Man U they will also be champions of the league. The odds favor Man City

To Manchester City and its following anything other than a league championship will be an utter catastrophe for the 2011-2012 campaign. They have yet to win any hardware and with the drama surrounding their star, Carlos Tevez, earlier this year they cannot deal with much more disappointment.

To be honest, I am split on whether I want them to win or not. On one side, I hate seeing the Yankees win because they seem to buy up the best talent . That is the same strategy that Man City has adopted signing some of the best forwards, midfielders, and defenders and even having star talent on their bench. But on the other hand, the fact that they have made such a commitment to winning the last few seasons finding and bringing in great players and getting them to perform I can only hope their hard work pays off. The difference between the Yankees and Man City is that the Yankees seem to buy players after they have their breakout season with a smaller market team while Man City has found players and developed them while paying them a lot.

But my ultimate deciding factor is from the fan’s point of view. As a Cleveland fan, I know what it is like to be so close so many times but always ultimately come up short of the championship. I don’t wish that on anyone and seeing how much it means to Manchester City and its fans I would like to see a team dethrone Manchester United. I can’t imagine how upset they will be if Man U once again claims the trophy. I would compare it to the Steve Bartman/Chicago Cubs debacle. That is how disgruntled those fans may get. But this time it may not be directed toward another fan–just the coach, players, and franchise.

So, whether you are a soccer fan or not when Sunday comes around just keep an eye on the scores and maybe you’ll witness some history.

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