Indians Should Consider a Reunion with Omar Vizquel ~ Guest Post


Everyone welcome @NurseMichelleM and her guest post about the Cleveland Indians and bringing back the best shortstop to ever play the game – as none other than Tom Hamilton said on Opening Day 2012 – Omar Vizquel. Hold your applause until the end of the show, there’s plenty of time to leave wonderful comments and tweets!

It’s really no secret how I feel about shortstop Omar Vizquel. As a teenager, I was enamored. As a mom, I look to him as an educational example for my son. As a fan, I think it’s clear how this season should end.

Omar has made it public that he will retire at the end of this season. He’s never been shy about his desire to coach or manage at the professional level. He is ready to take the next step, and this is the perfect opportunity for the Cleveland Indians organization to win its fans back: bring Omar home.

Last season, Indians fans were treated to a small amount of time with Jim Thome. We waxed nostalgic, we remembered the good times, and we thanked him for his accomplishments as an Indian – only to lose him again. While the arguments ensue over his statue, Omar Vizquel is about to hang it up.

Media coverage has the world thinking Cleveland fans don’t care. The media has some believing the Indians lose because no one shows up to the games. Better yet, that Cleveland’s All-Star closer doesn’t care, either. What we need now, as a city AND as an organization, is damage control. Bigger than that, we need something to believe in, something to FEEL.

Bringing Vizquel to Cleveland to finish his career would show that the Dolans have heart after all. It would show they believe in the magic that brought this city together in the late 90s, and that they respect the organization. Fans’ faith in the Dolans is laughable, any twitter search can back that up. But Cleveland always has, and always will love Omar. What better way to win over the city than to bring home its true favorite son?

When Omar is inducted into Cooperstown, he says he will wear an Indians jersey. He very obviously loves Cleveland… What a nice change of pace for professional athletes, no? We’re so used to running our stars out of town, bringing one home would change things.

In recent weeks, the Indians have discussed bringing someone in to give Asdrubal Cabrera the occasional day off at shortstop. Omar’s desire to play has never faltered, and putting him in the lineup means one thing: BUTTS IN SEATS.

Our city is poor. We haven’t won a thing in any of our lifetimes. Bringing Omar home to finish the season in Cleveland would benefit so many people. Most fans would be able to relive those glory days. Some fans will get their one (and only) shot at seeing this accomplished Gold Glove winner play. The team reaps the benefits of a comfortable, seasoned, altruistic veteran, while fans get closure and entertainment. We may even soften on the Dolans a little.

We have nothing to lose, and everything to gain by bringing Omar Vizquel back to Cleveland to finish his final season.


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