How Bad Will Things Get for the Cavs Without Kyrie?


Two nights ago, we saw Jeremy Pargo stun everyone. You, me, your friend over there, your friend over here, this guy, that guy, and the other guy. If you weren’t stunned by Pargo’s 28 point outburst, you are either delusional or gifted. I’m going to go with the former. However, we can’t expect those nights from Pargo each and every game. He’s simply not that player. He has a role to fill and he will fill it as admirably as possible… I hope.

Now, in loo of Pargo’s game on Wednesday night, just how bad will things get for the Cavaliers until Kyrie gets back? Could the Cavs start tanking already? What is there to look forward to in the next month? There are so many questions, yet so few answers.

Even with Kyrie, the Cavs are not going to be a .500 basketball club if their bench continues their output. It’s bad enough as it is, and with Kyrie on the bench, it could be even uglier than before. While the starters lead the league in +/- for the first few games of the season, with Kyrie and Andy carrying the load, the bench was by far the worst in the league. The Cavs would come into the second quarter or the fourth quarter with a lead that would be quickly drained away by their inability to score points off the bench. However, it was more than their inability to score points. It was their inability to play the game of basketball to a somewhat professional standard. On Wednesday, things changed. Omri Casspi looked not atrocious. Not good, but not atrocious. Jeremy Pargo showed flashes of Kyrie Irving. Andy was Andy. The Masked Marauders, yes that’s my version of their nickname, played decently. Even C.J. Miles got into the act. It seemed as if, in Kyrie’s absence, the team came together. Even on an awful night for the Sixers, without Bynum, the Cavs got a win.

The Cavs can avoid tanking if they can keep this “win one for Kyrie” attitude in each and every game. To be honest, if they don’t, things are going to get real ugly, real fast. They simply don’t have the talent to finish games, and with Kyrie out of the picture, they barely have the talent to get through games. It remains to be seen whether the bench will keep this spike in play up, or sink to their normal low level. The bench will be the deciding factor as to whether or not the Cavs pack it up come January or try to contend for the 8 seed in the playoffs.

Honestly, tanking doesn’t seem like such a bad idea. When your bench is this bad, the need for talent is glaring. You can’t win in the NBA without a bench, and currently the Cavs are without one. Here’s to hoping they can come together so that the fans don’t have to watch a bunch of barely NBA quality basketball night after night!

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