Guest Post: Loving to Watch the Miami Marlins Lose

A guest post submitted by Hayden Grove. Follow Hayden on twitter at @H_Grove

If you’re a baseball fan, there are teams that you just want to see lose. Sometimes it’s for no rhyme or reason. Maybe it’s their players, maybe it’s their uniforms, but for some reason you always enjoy watching their despair. For most people that team is the New York Yankees. The combination of their “pay to win” philosophy, their unwavering arrogance, and their numerous World Series titles make the Yankees an easy team to hate.

I strongly dislike the Yankees as well, but not nearly as much as I dislike the Miami Marlins. Growing up in Fort Lauderdale as a displaced Tribe fan, my hatred for the Marlins sky-rocketed through the years.

I love to watch the Marlins lose for many reasons, the first of which being their incredible success in only 20 years of existence as a Major League franchise. The Cubs have yet to win a World Series in over 100 years. It upsets me greatly that a team like the Marlins has won two championships while they’ve only been existent since 1993, the year that I was born.

Jealousy plays a huge part in my dislike for the Marlins. They are easily the most “lucky” franchise in the entire world of sports. They’ve won two Wild Card berths and in both instances, won the World Series. Two playoff berths and two World Series wins. Those numbers are ridiculous and regardless of the talent on those two teams, no team should be able to win the World Series every time they qualify for the playoffs. It also didn’t help that in 1997, at 4 years of age, the Marlins defeated the Indians and won the World Series in South Florida. Believe it or not, I have vivid memories of watching those games with my mother and am still convinced that my intense Tribe fandom was formed in those early days. To this day, I am constantly reminded about that ’97 World Series which leads to the biggest part of my hatred for the Marlins: their fans.

People in South Florida don’t understand the term “through thick or thin” in terms of their athletic teams. Heat and Marlins fans, (not so much Dolphins fans for whatever reason) will only support their teams if they are contending for the playoffs. If they don’t have a chance to make the playoffs, don’t expect anyone in the stands. I think that is what upsets me the most. I love the Indians and support them through their best and worst times. As such a loyal fan, I feel as if I, and many other Tribe fans, should be “rewarded” for our loyalty.

Instead, we get nothing, and the Marlins fickle fans win two titles.  So when the Marlins lose, I smile knowing that they’re getting what their fans deserve.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments which baseball team YOU like to watch lose the most.


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