Fantasy Football Tailgate Weekly: Down and Dirty


Welcome to the Week 11 edition of the MTAF Fantasy Football Tailgate Weekly.  Not the best sports weekend for this Cleveland fan.  The Browns were on bye.  The Buckeyes were on bye.  The Cavs lost twice.  It left me longing for something.  I’m excited to get back to the Browns losing this weekend and the Buckeyes making me angry that they are undefeated, yet bowl ineligible.  I need that type of dull pain on Monday mornings…I missed it this past Monday and actually went to work early.  We can’t have that.  Beer me!

Cracking the First Cold One

Beer of Week Scorecard To Date

1)Great Lakes Oktoberfest

2) Southern Tier Pumpking

3) Delirium Tremens

4) Fat Head’s Spooky Tooth

5)Great Lakes Nosferatu

6) German Kolsch

7) Beer Bye Week

8) Brew Kettle Red Eye Indian Pale Ale

9) Buffalo Bill’s Pumpkin Ale

10) Great Lakes Christmas Ale

For Week 11 we get down and dirty a bit with a cheap yet satisfying Black Label.  Some people might think this is Canadian Beer as the Maple Leaf symbol is on the can as is the word Canada, but this beer is brewed right here in the good old USA.  Our friends over at Pabst Brewing Company in Illinois make sure they churn this out year after year for our chugging pleasure.  For a crappy 4% ABV beer I prefer this over the Natty Lights and High Life’s of the world.  Next time you are downtown go to Noodlecat, order about 8 Steam Buns, and pound 5 Black Labels.  That is a formula that is sure to cure anything that might be ailing you.


Free Agent Frenzy

As always we will again try to highlight some waiver wire level players heading into Week 11 of the NFL season that we feel could be worth a roster spot.  Most of these players are based on 12 team leagues that have 18 roster spots, so if you are in a 10 team league with 16 spots your waiver wire will most likely look significantly better than our suggestions. If you ever have a question you know what to do. Hit us up on The Tweeter @burnriversports or @clelawandorder.


Nick Foles Phil – Foles will replace Vick this week vs. the 31st ranked passing defense, Redskins.  Vick sustained a concussion that will keep him out in week 11.  While replacing Vick last week, Foles passed for over 200 yards and 1 TD against a top notch Dallas pass defense.  Look for Foles to get a pair this week and close to 300 yards.

– Joe


James Starks GB – In week 9 he rushed for 71 yards and will look to be the man in the backfield this week as well against a struggling Detroit defense that is still having nightmare of Peterson last week.  Starks has a good chance as the primary back to get between 70-80 yards and a possible TD.  

– Joe


Danario Alexander SD – After being picked up from St. Louis last year and finding himself injured way too often, Alexander becomes that coveted WR Philips needed since Vincent Jackson.  In his two weeks back from injury, Alexander has posted WR2 stat lines with 195 yards and 1 TD.  Last week I mentioned some hot second half players, Alexander is right there on my list too.

– Joe


Logan Paulsen Was- Filling in for the IR’d Fred Davis; Paulsen has been targeted no less than 6 times a game and has posted an average of 60 yards in his past three starts.  Logan should fill in decently as a replacement for any bye week or injured TEs.  At least 60 yards is respectable vs. a suspect Philly defense.


Hot or Not

If you are over 25 you probably remember messing around on the Internet and stumbling upon the Hot or Not site. You could view pictures of real people and rank them on a scale of 1-10. You could even post your own picture and see what ranking you received. My roommate and I would spend hours ranking people in college while we got tanked. (I think I was a 6. Completely underrated in my opinion.) Think of this portion of the post as the fantasy football version. Let’s take a look at how I did in Week 10 and then name our Hot or Not picks for week 11.

Hot Week 10 Recap

Ben Roethlisberger QB Pit – Well this one was derailed by an injury to Big Ben.  Before he left the game he threw for 84 yards and 1 TD.  Due to injury this score is incomplete.

Rashad Jennings RB Jax – Big whiff on this one.  Gabbert was pulled and Jacksonville was way behind at half.  That led to Jennings not seeing the touches needed to wear down the Colts lowly run defense.  0 for 1.

Miles Austin WR Dal – The Cowboys put up 38 points, but Austin could only muster two receptions.  Romo seems locked in to Witten and Witten only these days in the passing game.  Not a Hot week for me.  0 for 2.

Not Week 10 Recap

Jay Cutler QB Chi/Matt Schaub QB – This one may have been weather aided, but I nailed it anyway.  These two combined for 135 yards passing, 1 TD, and 4 INTs.  Even if Cutler doesn’t go down with the concussion he wasn’t putting up a big day.  1 for 3.

Shonn Greene RB NyJ – I feel a little dirty picking Greene as a NOT play since he hasn’t had the best season, but he was playing fairly strong over the past few weeks.  In any event he was not hot against the Seahawks with only 58 yards rushing and no TDs.  I was still right even if I feel dirty.  2 for 4.

Hakeem Nicks WR NyG – Nicks was actually respectable in a PPR league with 9 receptions, but those 9 catches only yielded 75 yards and he did not score.  The Giants in general were not Hot against the Bengals in week 10, but I can’t give myself a full point here.  2.5 for 5

Not the best week in Week 10, as I continue to struggle picking the under the radar Hot plays, but redeem myself by correctly pointing out the players you should sit.  Let’s see if I can reverse that trend in Week 11.

HOT Week 11

Robert Griffin III QB Wash – RG3 has had two off weeks in a row against Pit and Carolina.  I think Mr.G3 has a nice bounce back game vs. an Eagles team that is in turmoil and will be looking towards Nick Foles to lead them.  I say he finds the end zone 2+ times and gets over 60 yards on the ground.

CJ Spiller RB Buf – With Fred Jackson out I like Spiller to take full advantage of the extra touches and have a nice fantasy day.  The Dolphins have been pretty tough against the run, but that is not scaring me away.  I think Spiller will be Hot in Week 11.

Danny Amendola WR Stl – Wes Welker 2.0 is back for the Rams and racking up the receptions once again.  I love Amendola this week especially in PPR leagues.  The Jets are going down in flames and I think Bradford will continue to rely heavily on Mr. Amendola.

NOT Week 11

Larry Fitzgerald WR Ari – I really don’t like the Cardinals chances against the Falcons this week.  Overall I think all of their offensive players will struggle in the dome against an angry Falcons team.  I see a 5-6 catch 50 yard day in Larry’s future.

Mike Wallace WR Pit – Wallace’s receptions have dropped significantly over the last two weeks.  With Big Ben out I think the Steelers are going to try and rely more on the running game vs. Baltimore so I’m not optimistic that there will be many opportunities for Wallace this week.

Matt Forte RB Chi – Forte has had a bit of a rough fantasy season with only 3 TDs and 176 yards receiving.  I don’t see it getting any easier against SF this week, especially if Cutler can’t go.  


From the Courtroom of CleLawAndOrder

It’s just a few more weeks till playoffs, and in most leagues, just one week till the trade deadline.  It’s time to bail in keeper leagues if you are finding yourself in the cellar or you are all in otherwise.  For those of you that are all in, here are my top guys going into the playoffs.

On the cheap you can get Shawn Green.  I am NOT a fan of Green, but I am a fan of his upcoming schedule.  In playoff weeks 14-16, Green sees Jacksonville, Tennessee, and Buffalo.  How can you not like a schedule like that?!  Trade for him.

Another very frustrating and cheap buy is Jamaal Charles.  He may be more frustrating than Green because of his pure flashes of excellence and high bar.  Jamaal went an entire month without a TD or topping 80 yards for 3 straight games.  Some owners even benched him.  His schedule is not favorable the next few weeks, but this is about the playoffs.  Here is the time to get him on your team before the playoffs.  In playoff week 14-16, Charles takes on the Browns, Raiders, and Colts.  Trade for him, and try to get Hillis just in case of injury.

My fantasy WR gem for the playoffs is DeSean Jackson.  He saw Foles step in nicely against a top ranked Dallas pass defense.  Foles will look to Jackson a lot with Maclin banged up.  Jackson has had at least 7 targets every week this season.  Jackson gets the Bucs and Giants in the playoffs which factor in to be huge match-ups for WRs.

My final big playoff guy goes out to Andre Johnson who has not scored since week 3.  Ranked in most leagues outside of the top 36 WRs, and not even a WR3, he should come cheap.  From here on out he has match-ups against the Colts twice, Jaguars, Lions, Titans, Patriots, and Vikings.  He too is another one of my big second half plays.  Definitely worth a trade to get with such a warm and fuzzy remaining schedule.

Good luck to all as the trade deadline approaches!


Tailgate Pick Em

Just when I start to gain some momentum I run into a 1-2 week in Week 10.  To Recap:

Indy -3 W, Det -2 L, NE – 10.5 L

A double digit spread finally did me in and my blind love for the “talent” on the Lions needs to go away.  I am now 11-16 on the season as we head into Week 11.

Joe had a nice week going 2-1 and picking the Saints upset of the Falcons.  The Giants were the only team to let him down with a bad loss to the Bengals on the road.  The G-Men seem to be beginning their usual second half fade.  Joe is now 14-12-1 on the season.  To recap:

NyG -4 L, Den -3.5 W, NO +2 W

Here are our picks for Week 11 in the NFL. As always we are not professionals in this area (obviously in my case) and this is all for fun. Only gamble legally kids.


1) Green Bay Packers -3 @Detroit Lions

  • I just can’t stay away from Lions games this year.  This spread seems way too low at only -3 so I am a bit hesitant, but I can’t lay off the Packers coming off a bye week indoors against a Lions team that just isn’t as good as a lot of people thought this year.

2) ClevelandBrowns +7.5 @Dallas Cowboys

  • The Boys tried to right the ship last week with a win over a bad Eagles team, but before that their last win was against the lowly Panthers.  The Browns are coming off a bye as well and I like this spread at over a TD.  Ill take the Brownies to cover and maybe steal one outright on the road if Romo has one of his turnover happy days.

3) New England Patriots -9 vs. Indianapolis Colts

  • I took the Pats last week and lost.  The Colts are riding a four game win streak.  That four game win streak was against the Browns, Titans, Dolphins, and Jaguars.  Luck is due for a rough game.  The Colts are on the road in Foxboro in November.  The Pats won’t burn me two weeks in a row. 


1) PhiladelphiaEagles +3.5 @Washington Redskins

  • Washingtonhas been overachieving and why not add some controversy to the QB situation in Philly.  I’ll take the eagles on the road vs. Washington at +3.5

2) Green Bay Packers -3 @Detroit Lions

  • Coming off bye and on the road at just -3 makes me want everything to do with Green Bay this week vs.Detroit.  No chance CJ goes off for another 200 yards.

3) BaltimoreRavens -3.5 @ Pittsburgh Steelers

  • I will fill my entire pick ‘em with road dogs.  Baltimoreat +3.5 leads me to believe they either cover or win outright.  Pittsburgh without Roethlisberger gives an edge to Baltimore.


SMH Fantasy Lineups Week 10

Here is a look at the Shake My Head Fantasy Lineups for Week 10. This is where I like to have a little fun and list out a very pathetic fantasy lineup from last week that put up ridiculous points and match it up against a loaded lineup that completely failed. Allows all of us to laugh a bit and realize that no matter how good you can be at this there is always some amount of luck involved. The best you can do is continue to make sound decisions and put yourself in the best position to win week after week.

*Note scoring is based on FFPC PPR scoring.  I don’t include K or D cause really who cares.

Week 10 Loser Lineup

QB – Carson Palmer – 25.40 pts

RBs – Danny Woodhead – 22.10 pts and Andre Brown – 20.40 pts

WRs – Danario Alexander – 24.40 pts, Cecil Shorts III – 22.50 pts, and Danny Amendola – 21.20 pts

TE – Tony Gonzalez – 40.70 pts

Total – 176.70 pts

Week 10 Loaded Lineup

QB – Jay Cutler – 3.70 pts

RBs – Michael Turner – 1.50 Pts, Matt Forte – 5.60 pts

WRs – Miles Austin – 5.20 pts, Victor Cruz – 5.60 pts, and Andre Johnson – 7.50 pts

TE – Rob Gronkowski – 13.60 pts

Total – 42.70 pts

I know Tony Gonzalez is far from a loser, but nobody thought he would be putting up the ridiculous weeks he has this year.  40 points!  Come on.  Also the TEs performed pretty well in general in Week 10 as the Gronk show was the most disappointing at 13.6 points.


Parting Shots

The next few weeks are make or break for those teams that are on the playoff bubble.  Be active in free agency, look to make trades to improve your team, and make calculated lineup decisions.  Aggressive owners usually come out of the scrum on top in the playoffs.  If you are in keeper leagues do not be afraid to make a decision to build for next season if you feel your team doesn’t have the fire power to win it all this year.  Like anything in life complacency will not yield wins or fantasy football prizes.  Good luck in Week 11 and as always feel free to leave any questions in the comment sections or hit us up on twitter/email



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