Even When the Going Gets Tough


The great thing about being a fan is that even in a season that doesn’t go quite the way we had hoped it would when it began, there are still those moments that make the watching and the pain worth it.  Halfway through the 2012 season, many N.Y. Giants’ fans were already looking forward to the Gmen defending their Super Bowl title in New Orleans come February 2013.  Off to a 6-2 start, and winners of 4 straight they seemed like a lock to win the NFC East, and perhaps even to grab the top seed.

Of course, in typical recent Giants’ fashion, their season completely fell apart once they got to the second half of their schedule, which left their playoff hopes barely clinging to life entering their week 17 matchup with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Despite the fact that they were caught off-guard by an Eagles’ on-side kick to start the game, the Giants quickly rolled up three touchdowns before the first quarter came to a conclusion, and by halftime it was all over except for Andy Reid’s farewell party.  Even with the Giants  missing out on the postseason, beating Philly is still special, and that goes double if it sends Andy Reid packing with one final loss.  However, it wasn’t the best part of yesterday’s game, not by a long shot.

Heading in to yesterday’s game, most NFL fans couldn’t have picked Henry Hynoski out of a lineup if they were paid to do so.  In 26 career games, he had exactly 28 NFL touches (including one kickoff return) for 167 total yards.  He had zero touchdowns, but he had played a significant role in the success of the Giants’ rush attack by opening gaping holes with his bruising blocks.  On more than one occasion, the Giants have tried to reward him by getting him in to the end zone, but without any success.

If the Eagles’ defense hadn’t made it a point to stop Ahmad Bradshaw from getting in to the end zone with just under 8 minutes to go in yesterday’s game, Hynoski would still be one of the great unknowns in the NFL.  Following flaring tempers, the Giants lined up, and I thought for sure they were going to give Bradshaw another chance to score.  Instead, Manning rolled right and found Hynoski wide open for the one yard score.

If that had been all that occurred, it would still have been a fairly memorable moment to see Hynoski get rewarded for his selfless play.  Perhaps not memorable enough to forget this season’s complete collapse, but it would have been pretty good.

Thankfully, the man nicknamed “Hynocerous” had something special cooked up for the Giants’ faithful that had endured this season.  It appeared at first if Hynoski was simply going to spike the ball in celebration, but thankfully, he did not.  Instead, he unleashed this, which is the greatest 7 or 8 seconds of video I’ve seen this year.  I almost wish that David Baas hadn’t come over to congratulate him, so that we could have got the extended dance sequence.

The release of the “Hynocerous Shuffle” couldn’t have been more well-timed if it had been planned, given that today is New Year’s Eve, and many people will spend the waning moments of 2012 in drunken debauchery.  If there aren’t thousands of people doing the Hynoski in NYC at the very least as the ball drops, I’ll be disappointed.

Whether Hynoski ever finds pay dirt again or not, he like David Tyree, has his one defining moment that he can always look back on.  As a fan, when another bleak season has come to its conclusion, those moments are sometimes all that you have.  In this case, it’s enough.

What do you think of Hynoski’s dance?  Is it too over the top, or the perfect celebration?

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