Bears Need a Wide Receiver but Not Randy Moss


On Monday, former NFL wide receiver Randy Moss announced his desire to return to the NFL this season. He was out in 2011 but after getting some personal affairs in order, he’s ready to hit the field again.

After everyone briefly spoke about Moss leaving retirement–which probably didn’t surprise too many people–the conversation turned to, what teams would be interested?

One team in the conversation was the Chicago Bears. Any football fan knows the team is in desperate need of a talented and solid wide receiver, but Randy Moss is not the answer. Here’s why.

Moss is old

Moss turned 35 on Monday. In his 2010 season with three teams, he hit career lows. With the Patriots for the season’s first four games, Moss had nine catches for 139 yards and three touchdowns. Then there was a month-long October stop with the Minnesota Vikings. In his four games, he was 13 for 174 yards and two touchdowns.

He concluded the season with the Tennessee Titans. In his eight games, Moss was 6 for 80 yards with zero touchdowns.

Former teammate and wide receiver Cris Carter believes Moss could still run a sub 4.4 40-yard dash. His conditioning isn’t the problem, said Carter about Moss, but “he has more ‘quit’ in him than any other superstar I’ve ever met.”

Moss is a quitter

Once Moss got to the Vikings, well, things weren’t what he thought they were going to be. Between the chemistry of the team, an aging quarterback and the down-home Minnesota Vikings fans who didn’t serve gourmet meals, Moss quit on the team and himself.

He also did this in 2006 with the Oakland Raiders and the Tennessee Titans.

Once a quitter, always a quitter. And if Moss doesn’t get enough attention from his 2012 team, he’ll quit again. Right away.

Moss won’t revive his chemistry with Tice

Carter also gave his two cents on where Moss could land. He said, “I believe the best place for him is New England. Now I believe a team that might want to look at him is Chicago with (QB) Jay Cutler and (former Vikings coach and new Bears OC) Mike Tice because him and Mike Tice get along great.”

“He has respect for Tice. Jay Cutler and Moss? I think they could work that out.”

When I read the Tice comment, I couldn’t help think of the failed attempts by former Bears offensive coordinator Mike Martz bringing in his former players: Roy Williams and Josh McCown.

Williams was very unproductive and came to the team in poor condition. He was useless and an embarrassment.

McCown, who was not even playing last football season, came to the Bears in late November and fared better than Caleb Hanie, which isn’t saying much.

While you’d expect both players to perform well as they previously did with Martz, times change, teams change and players age.

It would be the same thing with Moss and Tice. He’s older, high maintenance and kudos to Lovie Smith, he doesn’t put up with drama queens.



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