An Intervention for Cavs Fans


by Ryan Isley

Cavs fans – I have gathered you all here today for a simple reason.

Have you ever heard the phrase that you can’t believe everything you hear? That would be a good thing to remember this offseason if you are a Cavs fan. With that in mind, we need to talk about all of the rumors that have been floating around about the Cavs being involved in possible trades.

Before we get started, this is not where I call you dumb or look down on you for getting excited about the possibility of the Cavs bettering themselves by acquiring players through trades. I am also not trying to play the negative role and tell you that you should not be happy that your team is trying to make something happen.

I completely understand how you feel when your mind starts wandering thinking of what the Cavs would look like with a player like Andrew Bynum in wine and gold.

Hell, I even let myself get caught up in it a little bit on Saturday evening when the rumors of Bynum coming to Cleveland as part of a three-team deal were floating out there. How can you not be intrigued by the idea of Kyrie Irving and Bynum becoming the cornerstone of the building process in Cleveland?

I then backed off and remembered that these were after all just rumors. That isn’t to say that I would not be thrilled with the Cavs pulling the trigger on the deal, just that I didn’t want to get myself completely reeled in only to have the rumors fall apart in the blink of an eye.

And that is why I am coming to you today Cavs fans – to warn you.

My advice to you is to approach these rumors and stories with cautious optimism. I am not saying that you shouldn’t get excited when the Cavs are mentioned as a possible landing place for a player like Bynum, just that you should remember that most of the rumors you will hear during an offseason just don’t end up coming to fruition.

The main reason I would advise cautious optimism  (especially in the case of Saturday’s rumors) is simply because of the other parties involved – Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. Compared to Howard and the Magic, Charlie Sheen seems stable.

Howard is the main part of the three-team deal being talked about and would be sent to the Los Angeles Lakers, with Bynum coming to Cleveland and the Magic getting players, draft picks and salary cap relief in return.

Unfortunately, you have to take any trade talk involving Howard with a grain of salt as he has been named in more trade rumors than Shawn Kemp has been named in paternity suits. Howard has been linked to so many NBA teams in the past few weeks that even the Kardashians are jealous. In fact, if your team hasn’t been rumored in any possible Howard deals, your general manager may need to be replaced because he is asleep at the wheel.

It isn’t like the Magic are exactly innocent in this whole fiasco either. They have flip-flopped on so many potential Howard deals that Mitt Romney wants to hold the Republican National Convention in Orlando and John Kerry is thinking of running for mayor of the city.

You have to remember that this isn’t even the first Howard-related trade that the Cavs have been linked to in the past couple of weeks. Just last week, they were rumored to be getting MarShon Brooks and Kris Humphries in a three-team deal involving Orlando and the Brooklyn Nets. All of a sudden, that trade was gone and buried.

That’s why I am trying to warn you about getting your hopes up when you hear those possible rumors of Bynum coming to Cleveland. What I am trying to tell you Cavs fans is that it isn’t you – it’s them. They are the reason you should guard yourself against getting too excited about these rumors.

Again, I don’t want to be the negative one here but someone had to watch out for your best interests. And your best interest is to tread lightly when you hear rumors – especially if Howard is involved.

But don’t let what I said today fool you about how I would feel about Bynum becoming a Cavalier. While I am telling you to proceed cautiously, I am still hoping just like you that one of these rumors does come true and Bynum is starting at center for the Cavs when the season opens.

If it does happen, I expect all of the Cavs fans to be celebrating uncontrollably – and I will be right there with you.

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