A Weekend To Remember


I cannot remember a weekend that gave us as many memories overall as this past weekend. There was horse racing ‘not having another.’ Car racing with a tight finish by a couple of guys who rarely win. Baseball with a pitching staff combining for a no-hitter. A controversial boxing match. An NBA Playoffs game seven. The NHL Stanley Cup Finals. A major tennis tournament with a career grand slam winner. And one of the world’s largest soccer tournaments kicked off. All we were missing was this upcoming weekend’s US Open in golf and some sort of NFL game.

So, with so many great events that a sports bar could not televise all of them at once, which were the most memorable? Here’s my take on the top three events from this weekend.

3. Pacquaio vs. Bradley

Normally, with this game being a pay-per-view event I would not rank it this high. But, with the controversial decision that decided the winner it climbed to the top three. To the shock of many, except Timothy Bradley, judges had a split decision that ultimately gave Manny Pacquaio’s title to Bradley. The fight went twelve rounds with Pacquaio dominating from the beginning. Though Bradley came on strong towards the end everyone in the arena still assumed Pacquiao had won. Stats showed that Manny landed nearly one hundred more punches than Bradley and out hit him in ten of the twelve rounds. But, still the decision went Bradley’s way and Pacquaio lost by decision ending his seven-year undefeated streak.

2. UEFA 2012 Euros

As much as I wanted to make this the top spot, it did not seem to get the attention I thought it would get. Most likely that is because the matches were played while most people were at work. But I think Saturday’s games (Denmark v. Netherlands, and Germany v. Portugal) grabbed a good deal of coverage. After the first six games their have been fifteen goals so the casual fan has had a lot to watch so far. But out of all the matches, the most shocking was Denmark defeating the Netherlands 1-0. The World Cup runner-up was a favorite to move to the knockout stages, but failed to score against the Danish squad looking to sneak out of the group of death. Grabbing three points early is certainly a step in the right direction for the underdog to escape Group B. The Dutch outshot Denmark 20-8 and had the ball almost all game, but soccer being the unforgiving game that it is Denmark snuck one in midway through the first half and held on for a win. Netherlands trailed for sixty-six minutes, which is longer than they trailed all of the 2010 World Cup. It will be interesting to see if they can regroup and still find a way to advance to the knockout stages.

1. Eastern Conference Finals Game Seven, Boston v. Miami

I hate that this is even a moment, but this game was quite a classic. Both teams went back and forth swapping buckets and Boston led most of the way. And for a while it looked like the Celtics would hang on to win the series that LeBron James dominated. But LeBron had help from Chris Bosh’s three three-pointers and he used yet another thirty-plus point game to come back against the Celtics and eventually take the game and the series with his first game seven victory 101-88. I know the city still hates James, but maybe he has accepted his hated role and now he has embraced it. It sure looks like it. We now have the matchup most thought we would have and we get to see if Kevin Durant, another candidate worth of being MVP, can dethrone the self-proclaimed King James.

Which event was most memorable for you? Was there an event I missed altogether? Let me know in the comment section or on Twitter @Believelander.

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