2012: My Best Year as a Fan


A few days late, thanks to the crazy Holiday work schedule, weather, and travel plans I bring to you my final column of 2012.  While only one of my “teams” found considerable success, it was still my best as a fan all of sports.

From a team standpoint, the football Buckeyes were the only team that gave me something to be proud of.  The bowl ban never bothered me, I know this team isn’t at the level of the national powers and Urban will have this team in position for multiple perfect seasons before he is done.

The basketball Buckeyes threw away a shot at a National Championship by falling a part in the final minutes against Kansas in the Final Four.  I don’t really need to get into the on field/court performance of the Tribe, Browns and Cavs.

Despite my teams, it was a great year as a fan.  My wife and I made it to Yankee stadium this year, marking another check in the box in our quest to see a game in every major-league stadium.  Next year we are determined to hit PNC Park in Pittsburgh, Citi Field in NYC and Fenway Park.

I was also able to experience something as an adult that I never had before.  A summer’s long pennant race filled with playoff heroics in the city I live.  While I will never claim to be a die hard O’s fan, I always have taken a liking to them since the days of Cal, which made it easy to get behind them this year.  About 30 miles down the road the Nats were doing their thing and the two cities provided great baseball for the entire region.  With their playoff berths I was able to mark something off my bucket list.  “See a MLB playoff game in person.”  I was able to see them at both stadiums.  A thrilling win over NY in Baltimore and then possibly the greatest moment I have ever seen live, Jason Werth’s walk-off home run in the NLDS.

Speaking of bucket lists, I nailed two more items this year.  “Attend an MLB Opening Day” and “Attend an Army Navy Game.”  I did the opening day in grand fashion, my wife and I flew to Chicago and witnessed opening day at Wrigley Field and the next morning took an early flight back to Baltimore to see Opening Day at Camden Yards.

My most recent live sporting event was the Army Navy game.  It has sat a top my bucket list for years and I was thrilled to finally be able to attend one.  Navy has now won 11 straight in the series and has not lost since I joined the Navy (they last lost in 2001, the year before I joined).

I know 2013 will bring even greater things and I look forward to experiencing them.  I hope 2012 brought you joy on the sports landscape, even if our home teams didn’t.

It’s been a great year fans, let’s keep it rolling into 2013.



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