• Heading into Sundays game, I was very excited by the direction the Browns were headed.  They were on a three game win streak, with a very winnable game ahead of them.   This young Browns team has provided a great glimpse into what the future may hold.  The success over the last couple weeks really had me rethinking my original thoughts on Shurmur.

    I was starting to believe that he could actually win at this level.  While the competition in the previous weeks was some of the worst the NFL has to offer, I felt like the play calling was much better than what it had been in the past.  Thankfully, the Redskins game corrected me.

    I have no doubt that the more talented team in that game was the Cleveland Browns.  However, the most talented team was abused by the Skins.  The Shanahan’s spent the entire first quarter luring the Browns play caller’s in.  Once the damage had been done, the Shanahan’s released the hounds.  Offensively and defensively, everything the Browns did was wrong.  It was frustrating watching them continue to guess wrong.

    The play-calling was atrocious; it was like playing a young child in Madden for the first time.  They were constantly coming out in different looks, but were running the same unimaginative plays.  I do not recall seeing one draw play and they only attempted a few failed screens.

    As this season is winding down and imminent changes are coming; I’m not sure I’m sold on Weeden.  I have seen virtually no progression from him over the course of the season.  While pieces of his game are very good, he continues to get numerous passes batted down and his accuracy has gotten worse as the season has gone on.

    I so bad want him to be our guy.  He loves the city of Cleveland and is as down to earth as they come.  I can’t seem to figure out whether Shurmur is hurting him or if maybe he’s just not that good.  He seems to have all day back in the pocket, but continuously stares down receivers and makes bad throws.  He is a Rookie and I understand that, but he hasn’t seemed to correct any of that as the season has gone on.

    The collection of talent in Cleveland isn’t as far from winning as their record or performance may indicate.  They just need the right leader to make it happen.  I have never been one for firing coaches ahead of their first contract, but it is clear that Shurmur can’t get it done at this level.  A fresh start may help him, but he seems incapable of making decisions and adjustments on the fly.

    These Browns are coming and I am putting faith in the leadership of this franchise to get the right guy in here and lead this team to the promised land.  We’re not that far away, but this offseason may be the most important in the history of the expansion Browns.

    Kyle Edwards (75 Posts)

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