• It seems as Browns fans we put ourselves in an impossible situation as fans every season.  As we enter the second half of the season we normally find ourselves in the bottom end of the NFL.  We continue to root for the Orange & Brown every Sunday.  But we are also keeping a very keen eye on next year’s projected draft order as well as what top college players are expected to be available.

    We love to see our team win, but we know what the cost is of a win late in the year.  We are normally sacrificing a higher draft pick for some instant gratification on the field.  In years past, I have been a part of the belief where I won’t cheer for them to lose, but I am not disappointed by a loss.  In the situation that the Browns are in, they need to build talent in several different areas. 

    While winning is great, building to sustain winning is priority.  It’s my personal feeling that this is one of the more talented team’s that we’ve had in Cleveland, although the record may not indicate that.  For the first time in years, winning now is a part of the building process.  While there are still many gaps that the Browns need to fill, it’s not nearly as many as in years past.  It’s important for a young team to build confidence through winning. 

    I feel like this team is closer than it has been in years.  Meanwhile, I feel like this is one of the steadier draft classes that we have had in sometime from a top to bottom perspective.  For the first time in years there are not clear cut leaders at any one position.  Every position has several players who can come in and contribute right away.  In years past, there has been one or two cream of the crop guys.  As someone who follows the college game very closely, I don’t feel like that’s the case this season.

    My own personal belief is the Pat Shurmur is hindering the development of Brandon Weeden.  Weeden has taken major strides the last few weeks, so I am going to see how he progresses from here to make my own judgment on Shurmur.  For once Brandon was allowed to exploit the “loading the box” defense that T-Rich has faced all year.

    This schedule really opened up late and the Browns have two very winnable games in front of them.  It’s important for the Browns to beat teams that they are better than.  They haven’t shown the ability to do that most of the season, but they did last week.  I believe this trend will continue and as long as Shurmur is creative with the offense, wins should come our way.

    For the first time in a long time, I am ignoring the draft and am all in for the Browns.  Let’s go out and make it three in a row!

    Kyle Edwards (75 Posts)

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