• Looking back at this Buckeyes season, it really was an incredible run.  While many fans predicted this sort of finish upon the hiring of Coach Meyer, as the season played out few people expected it.  I don’t think I truly believed that they could go undefeated until Carlos Hyde reached that final first down sealing the Bucks win over Michigan.

    I never considered this team among the nation’s elite.  They were quite inconsistent throughout the year.  There were games where the offense carried the defense (Nebraska) and games where the defense carried the offense (Michigan).  Rarely did it seem like all phases of the games were operating at their highest ability all at once. 

    This team had something special though.  They had the knack to always make the key play.  When the pressure was turned up, they always responded with what needed to happen to secure victory.  I put a lot of that on the preparation of the coaching staff as well as the mental makeup of the players themselves.

    There are special things happening in Columbus.  The talent pool is just going to continue getting stronger.  The success of this team which carried such low expectations will send a message throughout the recruiting community.  Urban will continue his relentless pursuit of the nation’s top talent.  Seeing what he was able to do with a team that didn’t really fit his scheme, it’s incredible to think what his team will do when his hand-picked players are here.

    I have said several times this year that this will likely be Urban’s worst team; in respect to the players he desires to fit his scheme and goals.  That being said, imagine what the future has in store.  The B1G is showing no signs of improving for the conference as a whole.  While some programs seem to be on the way up, some other s that have seen success appear to be headed downward.  As promising of a season as Bill O’Brien had at PSU, it will be hard to sustain continued success when the scholarship reductions begin to take their toll.

    With that being said, I see no reason why Ohio State will not be making an annual trip to the B1G title game as well as being a consistent contender in the new four-team playoff. 

    Great times are ahead for the Buckeyes.  Another off-season in Urban’s system is going to do wonders for Braxton Miller’s development.  His ability to read opposing defenses and adjust the read-option play calling is sure to be greatly improved.  I expect it to be rare for a team to hold Urban’s Buckeyes under thirty moving forward.

    The bowl ban allows the Bucks to get a jump on this off-season.  I am sad to see this Senior class move on, but am thrilled for the possibilities that lie ahead.

    Kyle Edwards (75 Posts)

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