By Josh Flagner

    Bits and Pieces is your weekly More Than a Fan source for all the interesting stories out of the National League East. Whether you want pictures, videos, or just the half news/half bad jokes column you’ve come to expect from me, this is the place to be. 

    Every installment of Bits and Pieces will be led off by the current National League East standings next to my preseason predictions. We’ll be chronicling my idiocy all season.

    Current My Preseason Prediction
    Tm W L W-L% GB  
    New York Mets 4 0 1 Marlins
    Washington Nationals 2 2 0.500 2 Phillies
    Miami Marlins 2 3 0.400 2.5 Nationals
    Philadelphia Phillies 1 3 0.25 3 Braves
    Atlanta Braves 0 4 0 3 Mets

    Duda Smash

    New York Mets Lucas Duda smashed two home runs in new Citi Field to help the Mets to a sweep of the Atlanta Braves. In related news, THE METS SWEPT THE BRAVES AND OPENED THE SEASON 3-0. That’s in CAPS because I probably won’t believe that sentence until you read it Tuesday morning.


    Jose Reyes

    Jose Reyes Fastest to Being Really Fast

    Miami Marlins Shortstop Jose Reyes became the fastest player ever to hit 100 triples on Sunday. Unfortunately, he wasn’t fast enough on opening weekend to win a series with the Cincinnati Reds. Reyes isn’t the Marlins problem, though. Gaby Sanchez and Hanley Ramirez are a combined 3 for 27 with 2 RBI. I’m not sure if you saw the predictions that I posted, but I picked Miami to win the NL East. They’re going to have to be better to make me look smart.

    Gio Almost There

    Washington Nationals starter Gio Gonzalez may be trying to pick up the whole making me look smart slack from Gaby and Hanley. He gave up 7 hits and 4 earned runs, but those strike outs show the kind of potential that’s needed to be guy that follows Stephen Strasburg in the Nationals rotation. I’ll be looking for Gonzalez to pick up 13-17 wins and be the reason that Washington sticks around in the division.

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