• If you’re truly a NFL fan, watching the Super Bowl without your favorite team or any team to really root for is tough. Top commander-in-chief, Bears fan Barack Obama expressed his disappointment on Sunday that his favorite team was again absent.

    Last week, the only Bears news included Jay Cutler’s fiance Kristen Cavallari announcing the wedding is on hold due to her vanity pregnancy.

    But now a clean slate exists for everyone and after recently cleaning the house, here’s a few things the Bears can do in the offseason to improve their chances of making it to a Super Bowl.

    Get a real backup quarterback 

    Hopefully the Bears learned a lesson last season and will now step it up for a No. 2.

    I don’t see the Bears sticking with Hanie due to his free agency status and his inability to get it done last season. Of course there is a new sheriff in town so maybe Mike Tice can get Hanie to play at a higher level under his scheme.

    Josh McCown has expressed interest in returning to the Bears. He fared a little better than Hanie in his few games (63.6 percent of passes in three games and two starts) and appeared confident, including in the pocket. I see the Bears giving him a chance to compete, but in the end they’ll choose someone else.

    Rookie Nathan Enderle doesn’t stand a chance. Selected by former-offensive coordinator Mike Martz for his pass-heavy scheme, Enderle had a brief competition in training camp with Hanie, but that was it.

    So who’s on the season short list for free agents? ESPN threw out these names: Kyle Orton ( Kansas City Chiefs), Jason Campbell (Oakland Raiders) and David Garrard (unrestricted).

    I need to think about this.

    Get better wide receivers

    Eli Manning has Victor Cruz, Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham but who do the Bears have?

    Cutler has a strong rapport with Earl Bennett who received a four-year extension in December. I expect him to remain at the top of the mix.

    Time will tell about Johnny Knox’s back injury but he is expected to return. My expectations are always too high for him as he drops a lot of balls and sometimes doesn’t run routes correctly.

    Rookie Dane Sanzenbacher showed moments of promise last season but when push came to shove, he came up short. I do think he deserves another season.

    The Devin Hester experiment as a wide receiver doesn’t work. We know where his strengths lie.

    Roy Williams, good luck on your next team.

    So who’s available in free agency?  Marques Colston, Dwayne Bowe, Steve Johnson and Vincent Jackson to name a few. Brandon Marshall is a huge Cutler fan, but with changes at Miami, I think he’ll stay put.

    There’s always a crop of rookie wide receivers in the draft and in a biased pick, I’d take Iowa’s Marvin McNutt, Jr. He finished at top of the conference and set a number of records at Iowa.

    Sign a New Contract with Matt Forte 

    There’s no need to elaborate.


    Deb Baratz (102 Posts)

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