Three Things I Know About the NFL After Week 16: Brandon Jacobs Wins and Cleveland Browns Lose


I’m writing much of this column on Boxing Day.  Boxing Day is a Canadian holiday that I’m pretty sure has something to do with a country wide push to grow Canada’s national Olympic boxing team.  I mean, I make things up sometimes, but this definitely isn’t one of those times.  I’m feeling pretty good after another solid picking week.  My 12-4 (159-73) straight up and 10-6 (106-97) against the spread records have me looking pretty solid going into the last week of the season.

Three Things I Know Today

The New York Jets are never going to win big with Rex Ryan.

“They got a big-mouthed coach, a big mouth and a big-bellied coach that talks too much and now it’s finally time to shut up.”

“I think the Jets are a good football team.  I do think them as players are put in places they don’t really need to be by their coach.”

That’s New York Giants running back Brandon Jacobs talking about Jets coach Rex Ryan after Sunday’s Giants victory over their green counterparts.  After that game, Ryan and Jacobs were seen jawing at each other and the fallout of from the altercation is that a player finally alluded to the truth about Rex Ryan and the New York Jets.

By talking about Ryan the way he did, Brandon Jacobs let the world know what players think about the New York Jets; Rex Ryan is holding them back.

Rex Ryan is a solid in game coach.  He generally makes good personnel decisions and manages the clock in late game situations pretty well.  Unfortunately, Rex Ryan is also very good at putting a target on his team’s back.  Ryan’s talking turns every other game his team plays into a matter of personal pride and vendetta for the opposing team.

Pregame trash talking, brash play-calling, and being distracted thinking about feet constantly kills the Jets.  Ryan is more likely to cut a world class promo for the WWE than he is to ever win a Superbowl in the NFL.

The Cleveland Browns are sucking for Robert Griffin III.  Sort of.  Really, the Browns are just sucking.  There will be a scathing season review and a first round mock draft coming on More Than A Fan, but that doesn’t mean I can’t complain about Pat Shurmur or be hesitant to talk about drafting Griffin.

Frankly, I think there are just too many things left to happen for Cleveland fans to be setting their draft wish lists in stone.  The Browns might pick third, fourth or fifth.  Griffin might be gone when the clock starts.  If Griffin is there, another team might make a Godfather offer for him.  There could be bowl game injuries that affect player’s positions.  There’s just too much.  I’ll give you my quick opinion anyway.

There’s a good chance that Justin Blackmon, Trent Richardson, and Griffin will be available when Cleveland picks.  Each player can be a game changer.  Justin Blackmon is my best player available, followed by Richardson and then Griffin.  That’s what I’m thinking right this second.  I don’t think very often, so I’ll have the same opinion for at least a month or two.

If Tim Tebow’s second loss in a row was a movie, it would be an early 90s comedy about love.  You know, Reality Bites

Four interceptions – two were returned for touchdowns – and 43% completions are enough to turn a playoff run into another terrible Ben Stiller movie.

I wrote in last week’s Three Things that Tebow is the most divisive NFL story that I can remember.  My mind continues to be boggled by the Tebow story, but now I can’t figure out where all the fans went.  I was under the impression that everyone knew Tebow wasn’t a very good quarterback.  Sure, there were arguments about his potential, but how good he can be in three years has little to do with how good he is today.

Something funny happened about halftime of the Broncos beat down at the hands of the Buffalo Bills; the Tim Tebow fans disappeared.

Before you go all angry email on me, I know that you all still exist.  I just think it’s interesting that the entire crazy Tebow buzz is gone.  If Tebow was the real thing, a rough stretch wouldn’t shut everyone up.  Cam Newton had some struggles through a two game losing streak and two three game losing streaks this season, and the buzz around him winning rookie of the year hasn’t died down one bit.

Obviously I’m not comparing Newton to Tebow in the skill department.  That’s exactly why there is still Newton buzz but the Tebow hype has died down, because Newton’s press is backed up by skill.  For all of the good qualities that Tebow possesses, and there are many, none of them are what a quarterback needs to be consistently effective as a big time quarterback.

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