Soccer is More Entertaining Than the Browns


Have you ever heard the saying that watching soccer is like watching paint dry? Or watching water boil or grass grow? Well, it seems as though the Browns have overtaken the world of soccer for the most boring event.

On Sunday I experienced both events (a soccer match and a Browns game) and now know that no matter what you are a fan of, Browns games are boring. My day started at a bar in Cleveland for lunch and to take in the Browns game in hope of a win, or at best a watchable game. By the end of the Browns first field goal drive I was two beers deep and more invested in the Cowboys/Bills and Bengals/Steelers games. It seemed that the only entertaining parts of the Browns game was when they committed blunders. The entire game was a blur except for the St. Louis touchdown, Cribbs’ fumble, and the missed chip shot debacle that would have won the game. Thank goodness that bars now have Sunday Ticket so I could watch other games for entertainment and to check on my fantasy football players.

The real reason I was in Cleveland, however, was to watch my alma mater play in the second round of the NCAA Division III soccer tournament. They were playing the host team, but our fans outnumbered theirs. It was a great atmosphere and I saw several fans for both teams that had no clue about how soccer is played, but they just wanted to cheer for their school. The final score was 2-0 (more points than all of the Browns combined except for Phil Dawson) in favor of my school and I was full of excitement. But the most interesting part of the game to me was seeing people that didn’t even understand the game become so intrigued by the action that they almost reminded me of hooligans from overseas soccer they were so rowdy.

On my way home I realized why I enjoy soccer so much. Minus a few difficult rules, soccer is an extremely easy sport to understand: don’t use your hands and kick the ball into the goal. I love football too, but with all of the rules, penalties, and stoppages it is hard for someone who doesn’t understand the game to get into the action. The game of soccer is always moving. Halftime is the only stoppage of play. Soccer may not have as much scoring, but it is almost always action packed with multiple scoring chances that keep the fans on edge.  That is more than I can say about the Cleveland Browns as of late. The season isn’t over, but assuming there is no soccer on, I may end up watching some water boil instead of the Browns on Sundays.


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