MTAF Daily: Cam Newton Sets Another Record, ACC Adds 2 and Justin Verlander is Wrapping Things Up


Newton’s Breaking Records

Let’s be honest, throwing for 400 yards in the NFL is difficult enough but doing it in your first two games is just plain crazy, given that only six quarterbacks have ever managed the feat.  So, when rookie quarterback Cam Newton achieved the milestone yesterday, it might make some people sit up and pay attention –  especially because he’s the only rookie to  have the distinction.  With everyone expecting Newton to struggle out of the gate in the NFL, Newton has quieted the doubters, turning in a 422 yard performance in his debut against Arizona last week  and topping himself with 432 yards yesterday against the defending Super Bowl Champion, Green Bay Packers.   The standings may show two losses for the Panthers but, with last year’s starters throwing for a total of 151 yards in six different games, the future looks a little brighter for the Panther faithful because Newton had that many in just the first quarter yesterday.

Sure, he had some rookie mistakes – throwing for three interceptions and failing to convert a 4th down inside the 5 but once Newton gets a little more experience, he very well could be the quarterback to watch in the future. 

Are Super-conferences The Future of the NCAA?

On Sunday the Atlantic Coast Conference announced that Pittsburgh and Syracuse will join the conference after a unanimous vote by the council of presidents.The move increases the number of teams from 12 to 14 and it sounds like the ACC may not be through yet.

From the Office of Commissioner John Swofford:

“First of all, we are very comfortable with this 14,” he added. “The only thing I would add to that is that we are not philosophically opposed to 16. But for now we are very pleased with this 14. We think it is just an excellent group.”

With rumors of Connecticut and Rutgers considering a move to the ACC, Texas A&M announcing that the college will join the Southeastern Conference and the board of regents at Oklahoma and Texas meeting to discuss the possibility of  moving their schools, it sure seems that the future college athletic landscape will mean larger, more profitable conferences.  The moves leave the Big East scrambling to replace the vacant positions and the future of the Big 12 is in doubt.  There is speculation that West Virginia may become a target for the SEC  once Texas A&M joins and,  with the ACC adding Pittsburgh and Syracuse, we have to think that it leaves the door open for the conference to renegotiate  it’s billion dollar television contract which could only mean more profit for the conference. 

And, if the ACC lands some more bucks, you have to think everyone else is going to want in on the action.

Verlander Does It Again

Not only has Justin Verlander won his 12th straight game with a 3-0 win over the Oakland A’s yesterday, he has all but closed the door on every other pitcher in the American League when it comes to Cy Young consideration. With the win yesterday, Verlander became the first pitcher in nine years to win 24 games in a season.  Verlander allowed only 3 hits in eight innings, striking out six, walking three and extending his streak to 17 scoreless innings. 

It pains me to write anything positive about Detroit but I can always appreciate kick ass pitchers and Verlander is no different. There is talk of whether it’s appropriate to award Verlander not only the Cy Young award but the league MVP, as well.  With yesterday’s performance, it has to be a consideration when it is clear that, without Verlander, the Tigers probably would not have bounced themselves into the playoffs this season.  When your team can’t make it to the playoffs without you, it’s a strong argument for an MVP award, especially when the other starters are darn close to only managing a .500 record when Verlander is not on the mound. Without Verlander, one has to wonder where the Tigers would be this season and that alone has to throw him into MVP contention.


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