More Than A Fan is Growing


The New Guys

Growth is a very important word at More Than A Fan, so we’re very excited to announce some additions to the MTAF family. Our readers will soon be seeing posts from Dominic Anselmo, Mark Mazzone and Matt Kline.  That’s a hockey guy, a soccer guy and a Utah Jazz fan, in case you’re keeping score.  (If you’re wondering what we’re going to do with a Jazz fan, you’re not alone.  Best I can figure is that we’ll end up crying in our beer together about how good Michael Jordan was.)  Check out the new guys on the Columnist page.

More Than A Fan tries  to give readers good opinions every day about what’s going on both on the national and local sports landscape, and these additions are going to help us to serve readers in ways that we could not without them.

More Than A Fan Radio

Not only are we adding some new faces – I’d say pretty, but if you clicked on the columnist page, you’d know I was lying – Friday night was the debut of More Than A Fan Radio on CSF Radio.  More Than A Fan Radio is a Friday night show starting at 7pm and ending somewhere between 8pm and 9pm.  That’s how we roll here at MTAF, we go until they kick us out.  Ryan and I hosted the first show, and as long as I can talk Ryan into it, we’ll be the regular hosts.

Special thanks to @CleSptsForums and @CSFRadioDrew for giving us a chance to have a voice.  And for not streaming video so I can wear jorts and tee shirts to do the shows.

Guest Posts

Since More Than A Fan is about being a fan, we would like to give our readers a chance to write posts and be heard.  Our first guest post was Collegiate Athlete Survival Guide  from Amanda Szeltner (@aszelt11).  She’s probably going to be famous – or at least rich, which will do – and MTAF is happy to help her voice be heard.

I’m always excited to get tweets or emails from fans who have something to say, so if you do, let me know.


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