Christmas Letter from a Chicago Bears Fan


I am really at a loss on what to think about with current state of the Chicago Bears. It’s not good.

First Jay Cutler went down, then Matt Forte. And now, they’re most likely out of the playoff race.

I’d like to glean some positives for the next few weeks and the 2012 season so I thought I’d put together a letter to Santa and send it to him via More Than a Fan. I hope he doesn’t disregard it based on age discrimination.

Dear Santa,

As a disgruntled and disappointed Bears fan, I’d like you to help me out with the team. Here’s a few requests.

Beat the Green Bay Packers: I know, this could be seen as a really lofty wish for a number of reasons: The Packers are undefeated; the game is at Lambeau and there’s a Bears quarterback problem. But as I once said to my NFL-crazy nephew, this is such a storied rivalry, anything can happen in a Bears vs Green Bay game.

Please make it happen.

Give Caleb Hanie a win this weekend: This is an early Christmas request but it will affect my remaining wishes. I know we will not see Hanie in a Bears uniform after this season (and I am ok with that) but give this kid a win not only for this self confidence but for the team’s confidence too.

They can’t move forward from the recent train wrecks until Hanie leads them to a win.

Sign Matt Forte to a lucrative contract: Ok, I’ve probably been asking for this since August so I thought I’d remind you again. Between his lower numbers and now his injury, Forte’s value may be off a little bit but he is still a top running back in the league. He’d like to remain with the Bears but if his interest his waned recently, I don’t blame him.

The team would be lost without him next year and it would be a grave mistake to not keep him.

Tell Jerry Angelo to Retire: There’s been rumors that general manager Jerry Angelo is considering retirement after this season. Tell him to do so. Problems start at the top with most companies and there’s a few with this team. Perhaps my biggest frustration is his ability/lack thereof to pick talent.

With the team’s recent injuries, the lack of depth is glaring.

The Bears need to fill in a lot of holes. Wouldn’t it be interesting to see new players not selected by Angelo?

If Angelo won’t go, how about Mike Martz?: Ok, I may appear greedy but the Mike Martz experiment doesn’t appear to be working. While Cutler seemed to finally get in a groove/grasp Martz’s playbook this October, I don’t think this team’s lack of wide receiver talent will allow his scheme to work.

Many times you can question Martz’s play selections, the talent (see Roy Williams and Josh McCown) and the scowls from the players.

Thank you and Merry Christmas.



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