Alex White Tweet Is No Big Deal


By Ryan Isley

As you may have already seen (and Lisa already wrote about), there was a tweet this afternoon making its way through the Twitter-verse and into the laps of Cleveland fans.

That tweet came from former Cleveland Indian Alex White, who along with Joe Gardner, Matt McBride and Drew Pomeranz (I know – PTBNL, but still) was traded to the Colorado Rockies this past weekend for Ubaldo Jimenez.

White’s Twitter feed (@Alex_White6) had been pretty quiet until Tuesday, when White first tweeted “I sure thought the rockies would be a little more rocky than this.”

No harm, no foul. So far. Then came the tweet that rocked Cleveland.

Alex White Tweet

Of course, this set off the people of the great city of Cleveland. How dare anyone take a cheap shot at the city? This is just an out-and-out travesty!

People were quoted on Twitter as calling White a “punk” and a “whiny ass bitch”.

Someone even went as far as to say that Alex White and LeBron James should be mentioned in the same breath. I am not even going to argue with the complete stupidity of that statement.

And for what? Because the guy simply said he would prefer Denver to Cleveland?

Come on folks. That was not a cheap shot at the city of Cleveland. White was simply stating a fact that a lot of other people would have stated had they gone to Denver from Cleveland. And no, I am not moving to Denver and I am not stating it as a personal opinion since I have never actually been to Denver.

Am I thrilled that he said it? Not really. Was it the proper thing to say or the proper moment? Maybe not. But I am not losing sleep or letting my blood pressure skyrocket for something that simple.

If you are upset that White made the comment, fine. But to react like a bunch of little 5-year-olds whose older sibling just stole the remote control and turned off Spongebob? Ridiculous.

It is time for Cleveland fans to start showing some class. The guy made a simple comment and you all want to turn it into the beginning of World War III.

I went on Twitter and defended White, which in turn began the firing of a few (ok – more than a few) negative tweets towards me as well.

After being barraged by the negative tweets, White returned to Twitter to set the record straight:

“Wow, y’all take me way too serious. Relax cleveland I loved my time there. I have no choice where I am. Just following the path god laid out….I would have loved nothing more then to win a championship in cleveland. Y’all fans deserve it.”

You guys need to relax and learn to listen to me once in a while. Pop open a nice, cold Great Lakes Brewing Company beverage of your choice and laugh – Alex White can only drink Coors Light now.

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